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By Joseph Levitt
FDA recently released a Draft Guidance for Industry entitled, "Reducing Microbial Food Safety Hazards in the Production of Seed for Sprouting" ("Draft Guidance"). The Draft Guidance
By Benjamin Willis
Earlier this month the High Court handed down its judgment in the case of TFS Stores Limited v The Designer Retail Outlet Centres (Mansfield) General Partner Limited
By Mary Lancaster, Joseph Levitt, Brian D. Eyink
This memorandum summarizes the major actions that may be of particular interest to the food industry that are being planned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
By Andrew McGinty, Jun Wei, Roy G. Zou, Shengzhe Wang, LL.M., Shantay Cong, Shirley Guo
Much has already been written about the Foreign Investment Law (the "FIL", full text in Chinese here, in-house English translation available upon request)
By Jane Dockeray, Ingrid Stables, Jackie Newstead, Daniel Norris, Paul Tonkin
Hogan Lovells quarterly newsletter on legal topics relevant to the UK real estate industry.
By Hogan Lovells
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has launched a Credit Information Market Study and published the Terms of Reference for the study.
By David C. Tyler, Arthur Rodrigues do Amaral
In January 2019, Jair Bolsonaro took office as the new president of Brazil. The new administration has indicated that privatizations will be a strategic priority in the rebuilding of Brazil's economy
By René Arce Lozano, Luis Dávalos
Green bonds and green loans have become one of the fastest growing financial assets in recent years.
By Ariane Mehrshahi, Agnes Merz
On 22 June 2018 Luxembourg adopted a law introducing the option for Luxembourg covered bond banks to issue a new type of asset: renewable energy covered bonds or lettres de gage énergies renouvelables
By Kit Johnson, Andrew Carey, Jill Barraclough-Morrow, Megan James, Chris Montague-Jones, Axel Delaud
Despite being ubiquitous in capital markets documentation, the trustee's liability standardunder English law governed documents often proves a contentious provision to negotiate.
By Jennifer O'Connell, Duygu Onkuzu
The European Market Infrastructure Regulation1 (EMIR) came into force on 16 August 2012 and was the European response to the G20 commitment to implement measures to increase transparency
By Baptiste Gelpi, Marie-Agnès Guillemare-Grilo
Heralded as a "new step in France's economic transformation", the recently adopted Pacte Act aims to liberate companies from the burden of certain obligations and ensure they are better funded,
By Warren H. Maruyama, Hugo Paemen
The U.S. and the EU have been the leading forces behind the development of the multilateral trading systems from the GATT to the WTO.
By Joseph Levitt, Maile Gradison Hermida, Elizabeth Fawell, Mary Lancaster
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released the "FDA Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food" (the "Strategy"), which outlines the agency's approach to ensuring the safety
By Carlijn Van Rest, Bas Keizers
On 19 March 2019, the Dutch Senate finally approved legislation introducing collective damages actions in the Netherlands (the "Legislation").
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