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By Kathleen Harris, Sean Curran, Michael J. Atkinson, Melissa Dames, Maya Paunrana
In this edition of the UK Enforcement newsletter, we provide an update on recent anti-corruption, fraud and bribery developments in the UK.
By Stephanie M. Phillipps, Peter J. Schildkraut, Vernon G. Ross
On June 7, 2019, the FCC released a Declaratory Ruling and Third Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to resolve uncertainty about the call-blocking services that voice service providers (Providers) may offer.
By Gregory Harrington, Arturo Caraballo
The transition away from Libor by 2021 presents a series of significant challenges to the financial markets, for numerous reasons.
By David Freeman, Jr., Richard Alexander, Christopher Allen, Michael Mancusi, Brian McCormally, Charles Yi, Erik Walsh, Kevin Toomey
The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRB) issued two notable documents over the past two weeks involving confidential supervisory information (CSI):
By David Sausen, Joel Deuth, Gus Weinkam
On June 6, 2019 the US Internal Revenue Service and US Department of the Treasury issued proposed regulations that provide guidance with respect to (1) the scope of the exception for a "qualified foreign pension fund" ...
By Gregory Harrington, Arturo Caraballo
As alerted in our previous Advisories, LIBOR, the "world's most important number," is being phased out.
By Jonathan I. Levine, Brian Lohan, Ginger Clements
One of the debtor real estate holding companies leased property to a company that used the property to grow marijuana.
By Cara Koss, Corey W. Glass
On the other side of the Bitcoin, however, these characteristics can also present unique estate planning opportunities.
By Andrew Bauer, Ryan D. White
Other cases suggest that prosecutors may choose to avoid the challenges posed by the personal benefit test altogether.
By Joshua Alloy, Mary Cassidy
Make sure to put in place written offer letters or employment contracts with each worker.
By Jacqueline Mulryne, Daisy Bray
DDCs are human medicines that include a medical device.
By Mark Colley, Tom McSorley, Sonia Tabriz
Whether the DoD's cybersecurity rules might prompt FCA liability has been a concern and debated issue ever since they were first rolled out in 2013 (modified substantially in 2015).
By Tirzah S. Lollar, Owen Dunn
The recent rollout of DOJ's False Claims Act Cooperation Guidance left many practitioners scratching their heads about how it really changed the landscape on cooperation since, as we previously blogged:
By Paul Pompeo, Amanda J. Sherwood
One of the more onerous requirements of federal government contracting is the mandate to submit certified cost or pricing data.
By Daniel Hawke
A recent series of insider trading actions charging senior lawyers in legal departments of prominent public companies suggests that insider trading by lawyers may be on the rise.
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