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Khurana and Khurana
By Amit Ranjan
Qualcomm faced a setback from the US federal trade commission after it ruled that the latter is making undue advantage of its dominant position in the field of chip manufacturing, an essential part of cell phones.
By Purnashri Das
IP rights are proprietary rights granted to protect original products of creation.
By Utkarsh Kumar Mishra
Mr. Raj Rewal is a renowned Architect in India who has been in practice for the last 35 years and has designed several prestigious structures in countries like Iran, China, France and Portugal.
By Dhakshina Moorthy C, Rajeshri Thota
As the impugned order is completely silent on the affidavits placed by the petitioner, the court set aside the impugned order of Ld. Controller.
By Dhakshina Moorthy C, Rajeshri Thota
The suggested amendments are published in a draft form as required by the sub-section (3) of section 159.
By Utkarsh Kumar Mishra
We at Khurana & Khurana, have received numerous queries regarding the filing of counterclaims to evoke revocation of patents in India.
By Dhruv Verma
Patents among other intellectual property rights is one which takes relatively longer time to secure.
By Dias Michelle Jerry
Regents of the University of California, University of Vienna, Emmanuelle Charpentier, (Appellants) (UC) v. Broad Institute, Inc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, President and Fellows of Harvard College,...
By Maahi Mayuri
Section 115BBF of the Finance Bill, 2016 introduced the Patent Box Regime in India. Patent Box Regime is an effort which enables an inventor to benefit through tax concessions on the royalty income.
By Dias Michelle Jerry
Monsanto entered into a sublicense agreement dated 21.02.2004 with Nuziveedu for 10 years. The agreement was extended and was ultimately terminated by Monsanto on 14.11.2015 due to disputes regarding payment of licence fee.
By Sramana Mittra
Trademark has been characterized as an imprint equipped for graphical representation and which is fit for recognizing the merchandise or services of one individual from the goods and services of the others ...
By Aditi Gupta
As we all know that "Masks" are conveniently used for hiding the real identity of a person, similar is the practice of "Defendant Masking."
By Maahi Mayuri
Recently in 2018, the Court of Appeal Judgement (UK) in Unwired Planet v Huawei Court of Appeal brought down various highlights regarding patent licensing further reflecting that it is truly complex in nature.
By Maahi Mayuri
The Patent Rules, 2003 are proposed to be amended by the draft rules as published by The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Industry and Internal Trade through a Notification dated 31st May, 2019 [G.S.R.396(E)] .
By Khurana And Khurana
The present case also relates to Trademark counterfeiting where Plaintiff is a steel producer who has global presence and one of its offices is located in New Delhi.
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