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By Bryan Hunter, Sailaja Alla
The Cayman Islands Data Protection Law, 2017 (DPL) comes into force on 30 September 2019 and will regulate the future processing of all personal data in the Cayman Islands.
By Richard Field, Jennifer Rosser
Uncertain. Vague. Burdensome.
By Eliot Simpson, Stuart Jessup
Recognition of foreign Court-appointed receivers in the Cayman Islands: In the Matter of Silk Road Funds Ltd.
By Chris Cheng, Huiyan Liew
Several conditions precedent apply to potential participants of the Stock Connect.
By Fiona Chan, Shana Simmonds
This article sets out the latest ES Legislation developments in these jurisdictions since the publication of our previous summary of such legislation on 14 May 2019.
By John Wasty
In the recent decision of Re C&J Energy Ltd and another the Supreme Court of Bermuda continued a line of judgments which establish the court's willingness.
By Hasseena Mahamoodally
Before embarking into the enforcement of arbitral awards, it is important to distinguish between a domestic award and an international award.
By Fiona Chan, Karina Li
Changes to certain corporate disclosure requirements in the Cayman Islands became effective on 8 August 2019 pursuant to the Companies Law, 2019 and the Limited Liability Companies Law, 2019.
By Timothy Faries
Commencing a claim in a court of summary jurisdiction, also known as the Magistrates' Court, is a relatively straightforward process.
By Brad Adderley
The market is moving in the right direction on rates but the landscape is becoming increasingly complex.
By Brad Adderley
Having taken some time out for introspection, Adderley believes that market players are going to return in due course with new ideas and more products in mind.
By Timothy Faries
Indeed, cyber's omnipresence across multiple lines of business has been forcing the industry to re-evaluate its traditional approach to risk.
By Jordan Knight
Whether the decision of the Employment Tribunal was wrong.
By Sharmilla Bhima
This article endeavours to highlight the often forgotten concepts of amalgamation and migration of companies which underlie some fundamental M&A transactions.
By Manisha Lallah
The adoption of blockchain will represent a total shift from the traditional business dealings in Mauritius, by placing trust and authority in a decentralised network.
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