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By Taylor Wessing
Welcome to the latest edition of RCR update summarising what we think are the more interesting recent legal developments in restructuring and corporate recovery
By Anna Rataj, Krystian Stanasiuk
Self-employment is becoming increasingly popular in Poland. Service contracts with sole proprietors who provide a high level of skills and/or expert knowledge in a freelance capacity are already widespread.
By Ewelina Stobiecka
The Act on supporting amicable methods of dispute resolution has been in force in Poland for two years now.
By Krzysztof Borżoł
2019 will bring some relevant law and tax amendments in Poland that also affect foreign investors (e.g. concerning MDR regulations and withholding tax).
By Grażyna Kuźma
Proposed changes to our existing body of construction law have been publicised and debated for many years.
By Przemysław Walasek
Industrial property rights are an important tool in the competitive struggle in the market place as well as being an acknowledged method to secure the rights and interests of an entrepreneur.
By Taylor Wessing
The digitalisation of the economy raises tax challenges which have been part of the BEPS package discussions.
By Marcin Sroga, Marcin Zimny
On 1 July 2018 the split payment mechanism was introduced into the Polish VAT system as another measure against VAT fraud.
By Marcin Sroga, Marcin Zimny
The government has introduced a draft of the new tax ordinance to replace the currently in force tax ordinance of 1997, which has gone out of date.
By Marcin Sroga, Marcin Zimny
Since 2018, new thin capitalisation rules have been present in Poland, as an implementation of the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) into the Polish tax system.
By Przemysław Walasek, Ján Lazur, Jürgen Pölzl, Dániel Ódor, Debbie Heywood, Valérie Aumage, Chloé Martin Dit Neuville
While the GDPR harmonises the majority of data protection law in the EU, there is scope for variation between Member States in certain areas.
By Chloé Martin Dit Neuville
Recruiting new staff overseas can be exciting, and perhaps slightly daunting.
By Grażyna Kuźma, Ewelina Stobiecka
The situation of the construction industry is crucial, as there is much delay in dealing with payment congestion, with huge debt of over two billion zlotys and disputes lasting for years, after the end of which often one or both sides of the conflict cease to operate on the market
By Grażyna Kuźma
All those who are interested in construction and infrastructure in Poland know about the new legislative initiative, which is to further simplify the procedures related to construction processes, this time in terms of planning procedures.
By Grażyna Kuźma
"The real estate industry is experiencing some significant challenges, where we face failures to make payment, high debt and legal disputes in court which often take years to conclude" -