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By Louise Horrocks, Damien Clarke, Aaron Dahl, Meg Morgan
These 2019 budget measures could have a direct or indirect effect on the resources and renewables industry in Queensland.
By Duncan Bedford, Melinda Peters, David Hughes
The 2019-20 Queensland budget proposes to finance some significant investments through changes to the current tax regime.
By Louise Horrocks, Damien Clarke, Aaron Dahl, Meg Morgan
This article includes measures relating to the Resources and Renewables industry in the 2019-20 Queensland state budget.
By Louise Horrocks, John Kettle, Andrew Bukowski, Michael Roche
Article discusses what you need to know and do with the Climate Solutions Package and state policies and programs.
By Scarlet Reid, Jason Munstermann, Chris Nielsen, Nathan Roberts, Emily Rayner
There can be benefits to admitting misconduct, taking steps to rectify the misconduct and cooperating with regulators.
By Scarlet Reid, Jason Munstermann, Chris Nielsen, Nathan Roberts, Emily Rayner
Recent case seeks to resolve long-standing controversy around the use of legal professional privilege.
By Russell Thirgood, Erika Williams, Elinor Buys
Article warns to take care when using potentially limiting words & phrases in arbitration clauses.
By Michael Moy, Scarlet Reid, Cameron Dean, Tim Longwill, Lydia Daly, Tom Reaburn, Nathan Roberts, Liam Fraser
Article highlights that avenues for change to employment relations and safety remain open under the LNP government.
By Stephen White, James Lynagh
Article discusses use of quad bikes & motorbikes at work – background, safety statistics, risk management & cost of incidents.
By Aaron Dahl, Melinda Peters
Article summarises proposal by Treasury to simplify and expand the current regulatory exemptions for employee share schemes.
By Stewart Ebbott
This increase aims to reduce the financial reporting obligations and costs placed on smaller proprietary companies.
By Stephen White, Brad Russell, James Lynagh
Deeds of Access, Insurance and Indemnity are important protections for directors and officers against personal liability.
By Scarlet Reid, Jason Munstermann, Tom Reaburn, Nathan Roberts, Nicola McMahon, Emily Rayner
The ALRC is reviewing ways to strengthen laws to hold corporations and officers accountable for criminal misconduct.
By Alex Hutchens, Matthew McMillan, John Kettle
Australia's parliament has passed a controversial law designed to prevent the 'weaponisation' of social media platforms.
By Belinda Breakspear, Matthew McMillan, Alex Hutchens, Hannah Fas
Major changes to Australian privacy laws could expose APP entities to hefty fines for misuse of personal information.
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