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By Luca Ferrari, Libby Payne
We are excited to be starting our campaign on women in sport as the Women's World Cup kicks off in France!
By Chris Priestley
The IICSA was established in 2014 to investigate how institutions, across society and including charities, have failed and continue to fail in protecting children from sexual abuse.
By Chris Priestley, Kate Taylor
The government has released the final report from its independent review into the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the ‘Act'), which was commissioned after the UK Annual Report on Modern Slavery was published in October 2018.
By Chris Priestley, Kate Taylor
The Charity Commission has announced on its blog that it has established a whistleblowing hotline in response to recent criticism of how it has handled whistleblowers in the past.
By John Huxley, Kate Taylor
HMRC has updated its guidance, to recommend how a charity can distinguish between funds that are a mix of sponsorship and donations if the money is received as a mixed payment in relation to VAT.
By Chris Priestley, Kate Taylor
The Charity Commission is encouraging trustees and other interested parties to collaborate with the Commission to develop a tool to help trustees make decisions regarding refusing or returning donations.
By Alastair Vettese
TV bosses have had tough decisions to make in recent weeks as successful reality shows such as The Jeremy Kyle Show, Ex On The Beach and Love Island have come under scrutiny
By Alana Petraske
A visit to virtually any museum, performance hall or university is accompanied by an introduction to the families that have supported it.
By Alexandra Thompson, Libby Payne
Your business is taking off, and you are thinking of employing someone.
By Withers LLP
On Monday June 3, 2019, Kawhi Leonard ("Kawhi") filed a lawsuit against Nike in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California in an attempt to reclaim ownership of a logo deemed the "Klaw."
By Joseph Morales, Michael Rueda
Turner Tenney (known professionally by his gaming handle "Tfue") is one of the world's most popular Fortnite players, streamers, and content creators. He has more than 6 million
By Michael Rueda
Parker Kligerman began the 2019 NASCAR Cup Series finishing fifteenth at the Daytona 500. Kligerman, a twenty-eight-year-old driver for Gaunt Brothers racing, balances a hectic schedule
By Amber Melville-Brown
We've all been there… Waking up in the morning and not knowing how we got home, or how long it took us to get there. Or we've forgotten what we did last week.
By Michael Rueda, Tim Piscatelli
On May 22, 2019, the California Senate approved Senate Bill 206, more commonly known as "The Fair Pay to Play Act."
By Amber Melville-Brown
"What do you mean?" We pose this question to our friends and colleagues on a regular basis. After all, the nuances of the English language, individual turns of phrase and geographical idioms
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