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By Brian Lam
On the heels of the passing one of the nation's leading pieces of privacy legislation, the California Consumer Privacy Protection Act ("CCPA") ...
By David O'Connor, Thomas Burton III
The problem this presents for future Massachusetts contracts was illustrated by the next procurement.
By Jordan Cohen
Federal regulators are flexing their regulatory muscle to accelerate a long-desired but often elusive goal
By Adam Samansky, Peter Cuomo, Joseph Rutkowski
The Federal Circuit did not decide the broader issue presented by Momenta's argument, namely that the IPR estoppel provision provides sufficiently concrete injury to satisfy Article III standing.
By William Kannel, Leonard Weiser-Varon, Eric Blythe
Tolstoy warned that "if you look for perfection, you'll never be content", but Tolstoy wasn't a bankruptcy lawyer.
By Ellen Shapiro, Peter Saparoff, Joel Rothman
Last week, executives of the now-defunct biotechnology company, Orexigen, filed a petition for certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court ...
By Cynthia Larose
In June of last year, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it would review its rules implementing the CAN-SPAM Act, regulating unsolicited commercial email.
By Sarah Beth S. Kuyers, Karen Lovitch
Last week the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a $57 million settlement with electronic health record (EHR) software vendor Greenway Health LLC (Greenway).
By Rodney Whitlock, Constance M. Garner, Frank C. Guinta, Alexander Hecht, Katie Weider, Eli Greenspan
With Valentine's Day approaching, love may be in the air - but not so much on Capitol Hill.
By John Bauer, Jeffery C. Giering
Mylan, Breckenridge, and Alembic appealed the PTAB's FWD upholding the validity of the reissued '551 claims.
By Lauren Moldawer
As of January 30, 2019, CMS lifted its temporary provider enrollment moratoria ("Enrollment Moratorium") for home health agencies ("HHAs") in Florida, Illinois, Michigan and Texas.
By Sarah Beth S. Kuyers
Forty-five states and Puerto Rico have now enacted laws that permit or require pharmacists to dispense an interchangeable biological product in certain situations.
By Gilbert Samberg
The Federal Arbitration Act §7 (9 U.S.C. §7) enables arbitrators to "summon … any person to attend before them or any of them as a witness and in a proper case to bring with him or them any [document] which may be deemed material as evidence in the case."
By Audrey Nguyen
Employers must provide applicants and employees with separate federal and state Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) disclosure forms, said the 9th Circuit in an important decision released last week.
By Charles Samuels, Matthew Howsare, Evelyn A. French
Then there are the myriad of CPSC practice and procedure issues.
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