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By Walter MacCallum
To discharge financial responsibilities, directors need financial literacy and a familiarity with accounting standards.
By Camille Broadhurst
You can make a plan under an enduring power of attorney, for if you lose the ability to manage your financial affairs.
By Corey Gauci
The Family Law Act 1975 contains various provisions which set out the requirements for a de facto relationship by law.
By Simon Della Marta
Main areas that should be documented when going into business with others.
By Kay Papadopoulous
An Enduring Power of Attorney, with appropriate checks and balances, would avoid the appointment of a financial manager.
By Simon Della Marta
If you are intending to buy the second-hand property with overseas funding, you would first need to obtain FIRB approval.
By Walter MacCallum
The ALRC has released some preliminary ideas from its inquiry into litigation funding and fees in funded class actions.
By Kay Papadopoulous
Article outlines suggested triggers that should prompt you to review your estate plan.
By Amy Jenkins
If you tuned into the Insight program on Binding Financial Agreements, you may have these same questions and concerns.
By Sara Hatcher
Buying a commercial property (warehouse, office building or retail space) is more complex than a residential property.
By Sara Hatcher
Clear and concise terms of trade are necessary, as an efficient way of minimising disputes and protecting cash flow.
By Sara Hatcher
Most people are unaware of the complexities and time needed to administer a deceased estate and could find it a burden.
By Sara Hatcher
The term "buying off the plan" refers to purchasing a property, not yet registered as a separate lot, or not yet built.
By Sara Hatcher
This article looks at the sole trader business structure - how to set up as one and the pros and cons of this structure.
By Sara Hatcher
Testamentary trusts can also be used for potentially significant tax savings, a benefit to high net worth individuals.