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By Alan Rupe
In most states, the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing that is typical in written business contracts does not apply to employment contracts or employment relationships.
By Adam Collyer, Peter Shapiro, Brian R. DeMocker
The New York State legislature has adopted, and it is anticipated that Governor Cuomo will soon sign, new legislation that makes the state one of the most pro-employee states in the country.
By Alan Rupe
In our last post, we rolled out the first three of my "Ten Commandments of Firing."
By Mary A. Smigielski, Daniel Cetina
Hotels and casinos will have to equip their employees with devices that alert management of alleged harassment.
By Alan Rupe
I love to talk about firing people. Defending employment cases for over 40 years has exposed me to considerable experience concerning terminations.
By Katherine Den Bleyker
On March 7, 2019, the U.S. Department of Labor announced a new rule that will make millions of workers eligible for overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
By Joshua D. Curry
The Supreme Court has taken several cases dealing with PTAB issues over the past few years.
By Rohini Roy
In its petition for certiorari, ReDigi raised critical questions about the aftermath of the Second Circuit's ruling.
By Cynthia Sonnier
The plaintiff, Kerry Simmons, was employed by Cintas Corporation No 2 at its warehouse in Pineville, Louisiana.
By Sean Hoar, Frank Gillman
Attackers often do not know the identity of their victims – they may only know their IP address.
By Benjamin Stone
And the employee should be provided with the name of someone to contact with questions about the policy.
By Sarah Rubin, Candice Deaner
In order to understand the impact of this decision, the underlying facts and procedural history are crucial.
By Nicholas Hurzeler
Under the new version of GOL 15-108, this rule is modified significantly.
By Jade McKenzie
Wage and hour litigation is an area of law that is incredibly nuanced, but incredibly important.
By Donna Chamberlin, Brian G. Arnold, Jonathan Kepko
According to the majority, the statute as written was clearly not viewpoint-neutral on its face.
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