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By Scott Wenner
Effective October 1, 2018, employers seeking to bind employees to post-termination non-compete agreements will face significant new requirements and limitations.
By Vikram Subramanian
The California Financial Code imposes caps on the interest rates that lenders may charge on consumer loans for less than $2,500.
By Stephen Shapiro
In order to pursue its Congressional mandate to enforce Federal consumer financial laws, the CFPB may compel the production of documents or testimony by issuing a civil investigative demand ...
By Laurel Gift, Brandy S. Ringer
Attorneys engaged to conduct internal investigations are often sought and retained in order to allow a sensitive inquiry to unfold under the cloak of protection available through the attorney-client relationship.
By Stephanie A. Short, Jay Evans
Twenty-five years after the United States Supreme Court's seminal decision on the admissibility of expert evidence, New Jersey has confirmed that it accepts the factors identified in Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, ...
By Danielle T. Bruno, Laurel Gift
This client alert addresses two decisions by the Supreme Court that highlight the often subjective and convoluted nature of the sentencing process.
By Stephen Shapiro
Drivers who use New Jersey's toll roads can pat themselves on the back because the tolls they pay help fund a public benefit.
By Stephen Shapiro
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("FDCPA") regulates the conduct of debt collectors.
By Arleigh Helfer III
When does a federal statute of limitations begin to run? From the violation or the time when the injured party discovers the violation
By Stephen Shapiro
The FDCPA requires that a debt collector attempting to collect a debt notify a consumer that (1) "unless the consumer . . . disputes the validity of the debt . . . the debt will be assumed to be valid by the debt collector," and ...
By Samantha Banks, Michael Wietrzychowski
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal of the lower court's decision in Chevalier v. Gen Nutrition Ctrs., 117 A.3d 280 (Pa. Super. 2017), which held that the Pennsylvania's Minimum Wage Act did not permit employers to calculate a nonexempt, salaried employees' overtime pay ...
By Samantha Banks, Michael Wietrzychowski
The Supreme Court's decision will significantly impact how employers pay overtime to salaried employees in Pennsylvania, so employers should track future developments.
By Dennis O. Cohen
If it all seems like a minefield, that's because it is.
By Dennis O. Cohen, Rebecca Crance
Blockchain – a distributed electronic ledger that facilitates decentralized transaction networks – has the potential to transform finance and business not unlike the World Wide Web in the 1990s...
By Robert Collings
President Donald Trump has declared it his goal to reduce the number of rules and the impact of the federal regulatory system, especially the EPA's rules. His EPA administrator fervently embraces those goals.
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