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Wolf Theiss
By Aleksander Duma
Starting from January 1, 2019, the rights of perpetual usufruct of plots built-up with residential buildings will be transformed into ownership rights.
By Ciprian Glodeanu, Cristina Ion
Order no. 158/2018 on the establishment of the estimated mandatory quota for the acquisition of green certificates for the period August-December 2018, issued by the President of ANRE and published in the...
By Günter Bauer, Robert Wagner
European commission issues its first resale price maintenance decisions in over a decade fining four consumer electronics manufacturers for fixing online resale prices
By Ileana Glodeanu, Cristina Ion
The Romanian parliament has recently enacted law no. 184/2018 for the approval of emergency government ordinance no. 24/2017 ("geo no. 24/2017"), which amends and completes law no. 220/2008 regulating the support scheme for the production of energy from renewable sources, ("e-res promotion act").
By Patrick Mittlboeck
Due to the complexity of white collar crime nowadays, the public prosecutor requires a lot of information in order to understand and prosecute the case.
By Valerie Hohenberg, Florian Pechhacker, Andreea Zvac, Andreea Anton, Claudia Brewi, Damian Majda, Patrick Mittlboeck, Ewa Parczewska
We present a selection of Austrian Supreme Court case law focusing on effects of a private joinder on limitation periods, the balance between an individual's personality right and medical research...
By Patrick Winter
A golf player hits a hiker with his tee shot resulting in claims against the golfer as well as the owner of the golf course.
By Claudia Brewi
The Austrian Supreme Court had to deal with a rather rare dispute recently over the balance between an individual's personality right and medical research interests (OGH 8 Ob 56/l7v, 23 March 2018).
By Lucia Močibob, Mario Vrdoljak
On 2 May 2018 the Croatian Constitutional Court upheld the Law on Extraordinary Administration Procedure for Companies of Systematic Importance for Croatia, better known as "Lex Agrokor".
By Florian Pechhacker
Article 17 of Council Directive 86/653/EEC of 18 December 1986 on the coordination of the laws of the Member States relating to self-employed commercial agents (as amended from time to time, ''the Directive'')...
By Claudia Brewi
A private party's joinder in Austrian criminal proceedings can affect the lawful interruption of the period of limitation in civil proceedings.
By Andreea Zvac, Andreea Anton
On 4 June 2018, the Romanian Official Gazette published Government Emergency Ordinance no. 45/2018 ("GEO 45/2018") bringing a series of changes with regard to the current public procurement regulation.
By Radoslav Mikov, Katerina Novakova
A new approach to speed-up appealing procedures and prevent bad faith appeals has been proposed by the Bulgarian government and adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament.
By Ewa Parczewska, Damian Majda
The new Act was imposed by Directive 2014/104/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 November 2014.
By Ileana Glodeanu, Luciana Tache
As of 15 July 2018, Romanian companies are allowed to distribute dividends to shareholders either quarterly or annually. The new system regarding quarterly distribution of dividends ...
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