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Contributor Most Read
By Philip Nolan
"In what circumstances does a democracy tolerate State mandated electronic surveillance of every citizen who uses a telephone device?"
By Philip Nolan
The rise of internet-based communications has complicated the ability of law enforcement to gather evidence in criminal investigations.
By Áine Cadogan
Just as businesses have begun to come to terms with the GDPR, another regulatory regime has come into force, its arrival having gone largely unnoticed by many businesses.
By Brian McElligott
The Irish legislation, the European Union (Protection of Trade Secrets) Regulations 2018 (Regulations) came into effect in June 2018.
By Philip Nolan
Despite all the scaremongering, we have not seen any fines yet.
By Brian McElligott
As mentioned above the use of machine learning is all around us and very much a part of our daily lives.
By Oisin Tobin
Shortly after the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018, California passed its own sweeping privacy legislation, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA).
By Brian McElligott, Philip Nolan
In April 2018, 24 Member States and Norway signed a declaration of cooperation on artificial intelligence.
By Brian McElligott
On 5 July 2018 627 of 751 members of the European Parliament voted on the proposed Copyright Directive, with 318 voting to reject articles 11 and 13, the link tax and upload filters, respectively.
By Lisa Joyce
As detailed in a recent update, the Irish Data Protection Bill 2018 was published on 1 February 2018. The Bill implements those instances where Member States ...
By Tom Davy, Vanessa Byrne, Michael Doran
A lease will generally place a positive obligation on a tenant to hand back or ‘yield up' vacant possession at the expiration of the term, having restored the property ...
By Deirdre Nagle
The Supreme Court recently handed down a judgment on the legality of wayleave notices issued by ESB for entry onto private lands in order to perform upgrading works to an existing electricity line.
By Wendy Hederman
The EU Commission has cleared the way for Ireland to introduce a tax on sugar sweetened drinks. In October 2017 the government announced a proposal for a Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Tax ...
By Stephen Gillick
In a Defined Benefit, or DB, scheme, the employer bears the financial risk of the plan. If the amount contributed to the scheme is insufficient to discharge the liability, the employer must pay the balance.
By Mark Adair
Personal data and data protection may not spring to mind when you think about your local grocery store, butcher, off-licence, or restaurant.
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