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By Melody C. Kiella
WWhen I was a young, naïve college student contemplating career paths, I imagined a life where I could have it all. At that time, my idea of "having it all" included a husband and children
By Charles G. Hoey
Has an attorney sent you a letter demanding that you provide or preserve evidence, such as security videos, which is potentially relevant to a case?
By Robert Quinn
Many business owners in Georgia create legal entities under which they do business.
By Gary Hurst
Recently, the Georgia Supreme Court was petitioned to revisit its prior ruling in Williams v. Corbett, 260 Ga. 668, 398 S.E.2d 1 (1990), on whether an unmarried partner in a meretricious relationship was eligible to ...
By Mary Alice Jasperse
In first party lawsuits brought by policyholders against their insurance carriers, allegations of bad faith are often included in the complaint.
By Melody C. Kiella
Melody Kiella was published in the DRI For The Defense magainze for her article, Tips for Facilitating Collaboration Among In-House, National, and Local Counsel ...
By John E. Adkisson, III
The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled on two cases involving the doctrine of continuous employment in 2017. The doctrine is most frequently applied to traveling employees.
By Charles G. Hoey
In 2018, it is difficult to imagine a lawsuit, or workers compensation claim, which does not involve electronically stored or transmitted information.
By Daniel G. Cheek
Warm weather brings Georgians outdoors to enjoy an array of recreational activities, from coastal beaches to mountain trails and sporting events.
By Jason Prine
Since at least 1980, federal law has permitted Medicare to recover payments made for medical care provided to beneficiaries when there is liability or workers' compensation insurance...
By Robert Quinn
Whether it is a defective product, an unmaintained piece of equipment, or even a security tape, failing to preserve evidence relevant to the claimant's injury may be devastating to your case.
By Bartlett Benton
In Langley v. MP Spring Lake, LLC, the Georgia Court of Appeals upheld the trial court's ruling that a residential lease contract may shorten the limitations period from the statutory two years ...
By Christopher George
In the first-party insurance context, most policies provide more than one type of coverage.
By Bryant Speed
During 2017, the Court of Appeals visited the issue of continuous employment in two opinions, Avrett Plumbing Company v. Castillo, decided March 10, 2017...
By Karen Karabinos, Eric R. Mull
Columbia alleged that Cottage made misrepresentations and/or omissions of material fact concerning its data-breach risk controls when Cottage applied for the cyber policy.