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By Liz McRobb
On 3 September water companies in England and Wales submitted their business plans to regulator, Ofwat who are now in an intense period of assessing and ranking those plans.
By Paul Hally, George Frier, Gavin Charlton
Wates corporate governance principles for large private companies
By Hamish Lean, Alexandra Smith
The first webinar in the series, Private residential tenancies in the rural sector, discusses the new rules on Private Residential Tenancies and their impact on the rural sector, including the changes in the rules on recovery of possession ...
By Paul Hally, George Frier, Gavin Charlton
The Government announced last year, in response to its green paper on corporate governance reform, that new legislative measures would be introduced to improve and strengthen the existing corporate governance regime...
By Kevin Clancy
In July 2018, Christian Bittar and Phillipe Moryoussef were sentenced to imprisonment for five years, four months and eight years respectively.
By Jacqueline Moore
Scotland is currently home to one of the largest life science clusters in Europe, with more than 700 organisations based here employing some 37,000 people.
By Paul Hally, George Frier, Gavin Charlton
In its green paper on corporate governance reform, the Government sought views on measures designed to address
By Julia Gontarska
The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) published a proposal for extensive changes to its rules for resolving disputes between foreign investors and states.
By John MacKenzie
The Court of Justice of the EU has recently upheld a decision of the EU General Court that the "Neuschwanstein" trademark is valid under Article 7(1)(c) of the EU Trade Mark Regulation
By Peter Misselbrook
Not-for-profit Reforesting Scotland's "Thousand Huts" campaign has spearheaded the regrowth of the hutting community, previously almost entirely eradicated by increasingly strict building regulations.
By Iain Drummond
Lawyers are often criticised for using overly complex legal and technical wording in contracts.
By Jacqueline Moore
Despite evidence submitted to the MAC highlighting the unpopularity of the Tier 2 sponsorship system, it recommends that sponsorship continue.
By Paul Carlyle
A properly functioning secondary ticket market benefits fans by providing access to tickets for the events they want to see, and in turn helps purchasers sell on tickets they can no longer use.
By Sarah Channin
In early September, the Scottish Government outlined its Programme for Government 2018/19 in a document entitled, ‘Delivering for today, investing for tomorrow' - setting out its key objectives and spending commitments ...
By Gordon Downie
A whistle-blower had alerted Eurasian to allegations of corruption, fraud and bribery within its group and it had undertaken investigations.
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