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By Amanda Wilson
Last month, President Trump signed into law the much publicized Tax Cut and Jobs Act. In part of our ongoing series discussing the changes made by the Act, the following discusses key changes...
By Melody B. Lynch
Electronic discovery can be daunting for attorneys of all ages and stages, but certainly for older lawyers who did not grow up with technology at their fingertips.
By Stephen C. Thomas
In August 2017, Disney and three of its software developer vendors were sued in a class action in California in which it was alleged that Disney collected children's information in violation of the of 1998 COPPA.
By Dustin Mauser-Claassen
On January 9, 2018, the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners ("the County")...
By Shawn Rader
In the past the dining room in any assisted living facility was considered comparable to a dispensary—a necessary service facility for the residents.
By Amanda Wilson
Last month, President Trump signed into law the much publicized tax reform legislation, Public Law 115-97. One of the new provisions is Section 199A, which introduces a deduction for qualified business income.
By Tara Tedrow
While the Sessions Memo has sent shockwaves nationwide, it is unclear what the immediate or long-term impact will be for the marijuana industry.
By James E. Walson
Leases in an independent living component of an assisted living facility will often contain an arbitration provision.
By S. Brendan Lynch
One of the outstanding questions from the new tax bill is whether individuals can prepay their 2018 property taxes in advance to claim the full deduction in 2017.
By Crystal Espinosa Buit
Most often, we think of a celebrity or wealthy individual when envisioning who needs a PNA.
By Matthew R. O'Kane, Steven Strickland
Note that this sales tax reduction does not affect the local discretionary sales surtax imposed by many Florida counties.
By Derren K. Ciaglia
Your marriage is in question and you are contemplating divorce.
By Jennifer Dixon
The Florida Supreme Court, in a per curiam decision, dismissed a petition seeking quo warranto relief brought by the Florida League of Women Voters challenging Governor Rick Scott's ability to appoint...
By Amanda Wilson
December 20, 2017 - This morning, Congress passed the Republican's tax reform bill, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the "Act"). President Trump is expected to sign the Act into law almost immediately.
By Rachel D. Gebaide
An appellate court has denied Miami Beach's latest effort to establish a mandatory minimum wage for employees in that city.
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