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By Kristin Shepard
Counsel hoping for Supreme Court guidance on standing issues dividing the circuit courts will have to wait a bit longer.
By Cathleen Bell Bremmer
A district court in the Eastern District of Louisiana refused to conditionally certify a class of employees who accused their employer of intentionally underpaying and reducing hours from time records to avoid paying overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
By Gail Jankowski, Clifton Gruhn
The Eastern District of New York recently held that a former class counsel's spouse was an inadequate class representative due to the conflict of interest created by the relationship.
By Thaddeus Ewald
FEMA denied a request by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources ("LDNR") for assistance restoring barrier islands following Hurricanes Rita and Katrina.
By Josephine Cicchetti, Joseph Swanson, Steven Blickensderfer
Satisfying these requirements is expected to be a serious challenge for many organizations.
By Jason R. Brost
The Second Circuit has held that a federal district court reached the correct result but for the wrong reason when it dismissed a complaint seeking a declaratory judgment that the plaintiff was not subject to a contract containing an arbitration clause.
By Lowell Walters
Not only does the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act contain a tax incentive to promote the offering of paid family medical leave (FML), but it creates a lower-cost way to eliminate common complications ...
By Carlton Fields
This Week's Florida Appeals (Week of February 12-16, 2018)
By Thaddeus Ewald
The Fourth Circuit upheld a district court's decision refusing to compel arbitration in a labor dispute between a gentlemen's club ("Crazy Horse") and a putative class of entertainers because of Crazy Horse's extensive merits-based litigation conduct.
By Jason A. Morris
In other words, there is now one less open-ended limitations period in the Third Circuit.
By Gary L. Sasso
It's encouraging to see we are working on a bus rapid transit plan for the Tampa Bay region, which we need if it's conceived and implemented well.
By Ricardo Rozen, Gary Pappas
In a split panel, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a district court's certification of a nationwide class action settlement because the lower court failed to conduct a sufficient predominance inquiry under Rule 23(b)(3).
By Gail Jankowski
This dispute stemmed from a complaint filed by Edmondson, alleging claims under the Federal Odometer Act and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, as well as state law claims for fraud, in relation to her purchase of a...
By D. Matthew Allen, Sylvia Walbolt
This is the only true commandment.
By Aaron C. Dunlap
Continuing a process that began last spring and is approaching a final May 10 deadline, the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (the "Commission") is traveling across the state to hold public hearings for additional public feedback on the 37 proposals under its active consideration.
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