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By Carey (Chile)
On February 12, 2019, the Chilean Commission for the Financial Market ("Comisión para el Mercado Financiero" o "CMF") issued General Rule No. 431 ("NCG 431), regarding the deadlines for reporting of quarterly and annual reports and financial statements for the following entities.
By Gonzalo Fernández, Juan Carlos Riesco, Claudio Matute
Chile follows a civil law system strongly influenced by the Spanish and French legal systems, specifically by the Napo¬leonic Code model.
By Marcos Ríos, Héctor Hernández, Pablo Albertz
On January 31, 2019, Law No. 21,132 came into force, which strengthens the authorities of the National Fisheries Service ("SERNAPESCA") and adds new predicate offenses to Law No. 20,393
By Juan Mackenna, José Miguel Bustamante
President Piñera's administration has announced the creation of a new initiative to promote investment and increase transparency in the adjudication processes of state-owned lands for the purpose of installing productive projects.
By Manuel José Garcés
In a world where, with every passing day, the digital economy takes on a more important role on a global scale ...
By Carey (Chile)
On January 9, a new General Instruction ("Instruction") from the Superintendence of the Environment ("SMA") was published in the Official Gazette regarding updates to contingency, prevention and emergency plans and the submission of information to the SMA.
By Diego Peralta, Fernando Noriega, Kriss Andía
With the incorporation of the CMF, the figure of a Superintendent is eliminated, being replaced by a Council, composed of 4 commissioners and a president.
By Diego Peralta, Diego Lasagna
On December 26, 2018, the Central Bank of Chile published an amendment to Chapter III.J.2 of its Financial Regulations Compendium, on Payment Cards Operation, after a one-month public consultation that allowed the general public to make comments or observations to the proposal.
By Carey (Chile)
On November 28th, 2018, Law Nr. 21,122 was published in the Official Gazzette (hereinafter the "Law").
By Marcos Ríos, Álvaro Carreño
Law No. 21,121 (the "Law"), which came into force on November 20, 2018, amends the Criminal Code, Law No. 20,393 on Criminal Liability of Legal Entities ...
By Virginia Rivas
Hace algunos días se publicó en este mismo medio una columna de opinión del abogado Cristián Reyes que cuestiona la pertinencia del uso de acuerdos extrajudiciales por parte de la fiscalía Nacional Económica ...
By Carey (Chile)
As of this date, all tourist cards retained by the Immigration Department upon issuance of a Special Work Permit for Tourist ...
By Carey (Chile)
International Financial Law Review highlighted us as one of the best law firms in the country in several practice areas in their IFLR1000 edition of 2019.
By Jessica Power, Ximena Silberman
Chile has 32 tax treaties. Additionally, there are two tax treaties subscribed to by Chile which have not yet entered into force.
By Paulina Silva, Lapostol José Pablo
Chile is a country that, at first glance, seems to have a fairly complete legislation on data protection.
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