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By J. Clarke Keller
In recent years, as courts have become more congested and business dealings have grown more complex,
By Sean P. Ritchie
The patent process can be frustrating and often involves a significant investment of time and money.
By Alexandra MacKay
Most marks are either trademarks (used in connection with goods) or service marks (used in connection with services).
By Rebecca A. Weis
In October 2018, the Kentucky Supreme Court issued a far-reaching opinion voiding all Kentucky employer-employee arbitration agreements which were made a condition of an individual's employment.
By Rachel Dix Bishop, Shannon Antle Hamilton, Rebecca A. Weis
The FLSA imposes federal minimum wage and overtime requirements for all non-exempt employees whose employers are covered by the Act.
By Jamie F. Little
Accordingly, the federal court dismissed the Subcontractor's inefficient labor claim on summary judgment.
By William Gorton III
The latest iteration to replace the 2008 Rapanos Guidance and 2015 WOTUS Rule with a satisfactory definition of Waters of the United States was formally presented to the country on February 14, 2019.
By Alexandra MacKay, Mari-Elise Paul
It is weeks away from opening day, yet the United States Supreme Court had its own pre-season double header of sorts this past Monday.
By Steven Henderson, Aaron R. Klein, David Ratterman
In Today's Market, steel fabricators confront complex risks on a daily basis, including project uncertainty and increased market volatility.
By Michael B. Schwegler
For the last couple of years, Tennessee practitioners have been waiting for the Tennessee Supreme Court to resolve the debate as to whether the Discovery Rule ...
By Shannon Antle Hamilton
Whether it is manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, farming, or the tech industry, employers all over the country are scrambling to find and retain qualified workers.
By James C Seiffert
Since the enactment of the Opportunity Zone program over a year ago, the focus has been on gaining a better understanding of the workings of the program and its various applications.
By Alexandra MacKay
The U.S. Supreme Court has granted the U.S. government's petition for a writ of certiorari in a case challenging provision of the federal trademark statute.
By Mina N Khalil, Richard Vance
On December 20th, President Donald J. Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law, ending any speculation surrounding the bill's in-limbo status.
By William Geisen
Many construction contracts designate arbitration as the means to adjudicate disputes which are not resolved through executive negotiation, mediation or some alternate method. Occasionally,
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