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Clyde & Co
By Nick Elwell-Sutton, Sophie Jackson
Under UK unfair dismissal law a misconduct dismissal will be unfair if there is insufficient investigation into the relevant facts.
By Clyde & Co LLP
When construing exclusive jurisdiction clauses, there is a presumption under English law in favour of "one-stop shopping" for dispute resolution.
By Anthony Albertini, Lisa Baird
The NEC3 form had the (widely publicised) aim of encouraging cooperation, collaborative working and a fair allocation of risk between the parties to the contract.
By Clyde & Co LLP
Section 70(2) of the Arbitration Act 1996 provides that an award cannot be challenged or appealed if the applicant/appellant has not "first exhausted...
By Clyde & Co LLP
Court accepts that it can order an unlimited cross-undertaking in damages in return for a freezing order
By Clyde & Co LLP
The defendants' section 68 challenge to an arbitration award was (pursuant to the court's order) heard in public. The award was referred to during the hearing and in the judgment.
By Douglas Maag
The US Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA), enacted in May 2015, calls for the president to issue a certification to Congress every 90 days regarding Iran's compliance with the JCPOA.
By Rebecca Ford
The DIFC Small Claims Tribunal is becoming a popular alternative due to its speed, privacy and lower costs.
By Jamie Spotswood
Certificates of pending litigation, cautions, constructive trusts, interim preservation of property orders, fraudulent conveyance actions, Mareva injunctions and receiverships are just some of the remedies in the litigator's tool box when responding to a commercial real estate fraud.
By Jai Sharma
We have received reports that the " EMERALD STAR ", a 2010 built bulk carrier flying the Hong Kong flag, has sunk. Eleven crew are still missing but some crew were rescued.
By Laura Cooke, Mark Howard, Matthew Ambler
The Pensions Regulator has extensive powers at its disposal and may be on course to receive even further tools shortly...
By Ned Kirk, Adeyemi Ojudun
In view of the high potential exposure in US litigation, it is important that global companies and their insurers understand the extraterritorial reach of US laws.
By Anne Hoffmann
Investment arbitration is not unknown in the Middle East. For more than a decade...
By Robert Meakin, Rebecca Evans
The courts have once again shown their reluctance to hold a contract void for uncertainty, finding that the sectional completion and delay damages provisions of the relevant subcontract...
By Nigel Brook
A summary of recent developments in insurance, reinsurance and litigation law.
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