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By Alan Friel, Linda Goldstein, Holly Melton
Despite registering – and renewing – her cellphone with the National Do Not Call Registry, Taraneh Vessal claims she was bombarded with calls.
By Alan Friel, Linda Goldstein, Holly Melton
Internet technology has slowly grown to rival and in some cases supplant traditional broadcast news sources. In the wake of this sea change, long-established certitudes about the role played by media providers...
By Michael Ferguson, Christian Jones, Adam Higgins, Tyler Thompson
The year-end schedules of the Senate HELP and Finance committees just became more clogged, as the two panels will lead the review of President Trump's nominee to be Health & Human Services (HHS) secretary.
By Rand McClellan
In Yaakov, the D.C. Circuit addressed the FCC's rule requiring both solicited and unsolicited faxes to include opt-out notices
By Nathan Ware, Alexander J. Szilvas, Christina Novotny, Lucas L. Witters
On Nov. 9, 2017, the Joint Committee on Taxation released its "Description of the Chairman's Mark of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" (the "JCT Description").
By Shawn Butte
On Monday, Nov. 6, newly re-elected Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law "Intro. 1313-A," a bill that amends and expands the coverage of New York City's paid sick leave law.
By Gregory Mersol
With scores of collective actions being filed every month and many courts willing to issue conditional certification on even very weak claims, it's easy to forget that it's important for there to be a claim in the first place.
By Nathan Ware, Christina Novotny, Lucas L. Witters
On Nov. 2, the House Ways and Means Committee released draft statutory text (the "Bill") of the proposed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the "Act"), the long-awaited Republican tax reform bill.
By Eric Packel
Phishing attacks continue to be the root cause of a considerable number of data breaches.
By Nicholas Rose
On Monday, the Second Circuit brought a measure of clarity to the debate about the definition of a domestic injury under the Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act...
By Carolina A. Alonso, Alan Friel, Melinda McLellan
On October 23, the FTC released new guidance on how the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule may apply to audio recordings of children's voices collected by websites and online services.
By Alan Friel, Holly Melton, Linda Goldstein
Plaintiffs claim hair feels brittle, dull, lifeless after products prove keratin-free
By Alan Friel, Holly Melton, Linda Goldstein
Advocacy groups urge COPPA, FTC Act review of kids' safety accessory
By Alan Friel, Holly Melton, Linda Goldstein
Organization claims WhatNot solicits information from kids sans screening
By Alan Friel, Holly Melton, Linda Goldstein
Plaintiffs' lawyers in a class action against Neutrogena were fighting hard in the Central District of California in October 2017.
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