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By W. Barron Avery
This month marks an important waypoint for defense contractors subject to the new cybersecurity requirements imposed by the Department of Defense.
By Mark Johnson
The Eight Circuit provided some useful guidance for district courts and practitioners in obtaining and reviewing final approval of class settlements in its July 5, 2017, decision in Keil v. Lopez.
By Michael Ferguson, Christian Jones, Adam Higgins, Tyler Thompson
The Senate reconvenes today following the Fourth of July recess, but senators are at least a week away – and perhaps even longer – from voting on legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
By James Sherer
If you guessed e-discovery (perhaps because you're reading an e-discovery post with an e-discovery title on an e-discovery blog)
By Gina Mavica, Barbara Hayes
In 2013, the Federal Reserve Board adopted rules to implement Basel III, a regulatory framework of reform measures for the banking industry issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS).
By Melinda McLellan, Jonathan Forman
With the first compliance deadline now less than two months away, the NYDFS has provided additional clarity concerning its new Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies by publishing an update...
By Shareef Farag, Diamond Hicks, Nancy Inesta, Julie Kwun, Vartan Madoyan, Sabrina Shadi, Margaret Rosenthal
Is your business affected by a July 1, 2017, minimum wage increase?
By BakerHostetler  
Ransomware was involved in 10 percent of the 450 breaches handled by our Privacy and Data Protection team in 2016. This week's news about a global ransomware attack is another example that this trend is on the rise.
By Gregory Mersol
Over the years, Rule 68 offers of judgment have been touted as a means of picking off class representatives and a potentially easy way to terminate a class or collective action before it starts.
By Amy J. Traub, Amanda L. Van Hoose
Given the exponential uptick in wage and hour lawsuits during the Obama administration and the United States Department of Labor's (DOL's) continuing aggressive enforcement of wage and hour laws...
By Jessie Gabriel, Molly H. Tranbaugh
The plaintiff-side M&A bar is notoriously creative in discovering new avenues to challenge transactions.
By Jason Zachary
As private growth companies continue to change the dynamics and the landscape of the financial markets...
By Jason Zachary
The NYSE subsequently withdrew its proposal after the SEC rejected the proposal for technical reasons. We expect the NYSE to resubmit the proposal to the SEC within the next few months.
By Jason Zachary
In what has proven to be a busy spring for various groups to assess the vitality of the financial markets, Nasdaq decided to join the fray as well.
By Alissa K. Lugo, Jeffrey E. Decker
Repealing or substantially modifying the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank) remains a top priority of Republican lawmakers.
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