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By Marco P. Falco
One of the ways a limitation period can now be postponed in Ontario occurs where a plaintiff relies on the "superior knowledge" of the defendant who is seeking to remedy the plaintiff's loss.
By Loretta Merritt
Loretta Merritt spoke at Osgoode's Professional Development Legal Guide to Sexual Misconduct in the #MeToo Era on February 7, 2019 in Toronto.
By Adam Black
If you are granted right of survivorship on a property, does that constitute a gift? And if so, when does the gifting take place — at the time the right is established,or after the joint owner's death
By Lisa R. Lifshitz
In addition to ensuring their compliance with Canada's new federal mandatory data breach and breach-of-security-safeguards reporting requirements under the private sector Personal Information Protection and EDA...
By Matt Maurer
Ex-management of a Winnipeg-based cannabis producer hired a broker to buy what turned out to be illegal product and led Health Canada to pull the company's sale licence a third-party investigator says
By Laurie Pawlitza
The more complex our world has become, the more likely it is that litigation will involve expert evidence.
By Torkin Manes LLP
Canada has always been a great place for non-Canadians to do business. Moreover, during the last twenty years, it has stood out among the world's nations as one of the most stable business environments, ...
By Marco P. Falco
Arbitration often represents an efficient alternative to the Courts.
By Adam Black
There is no doubt the costs of family law litigation are simultaneously emotional and financial
By Loretta Merritt
On January 9, 2019 the Ontario Government issued a news release announcing that it is seeking input on how to make auto insurance more affordable.
By Lisa R. Lifshitz
With much fanfare, recreational cannabis became legal in Canada on October 17, 2018.
By Laurie Pawlitza
A New Yorker cartoon famously pictures two young children admiring their Christmas tree. Presents are stacked so high, the tree is barely visible.
By Peter Straszynski
Peter Straszynski discusses terminations without cause including the difference between "with cause" and "without cause" termination and what an employee is entitled to when terminated without Just Cause.
By Marco P. Falco
The Supreme Court of Canada has made major changes to the law of contract, of which all lawyers in Ontario ought to be aware. In the recent decision, Bhasin v. Hrynew, 2014 SCC 71,
By Marco P. Falco
Over the last decade, Canadian Courts have struggled with the issue of when to apply the less deferential standard of review of "correctness" in the review of administrative tribunal decisions.
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