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By Yianni Pappas-Acreman
A British Columbia judgment for the payment of money or the return of personal property is effective for 10 years. A judgment can be "renewed",
By Henry M. Ka
Given the abundance of natural resources, access to universal health care, commitment to human rights, and general political stability and prosperity
By Anita Boscariol
(August 9, 2019, 8:40 AM EDT) -- In 2011, the Saik'uz and Stellat'en First Nations (the First Nations) commenced an action in tort against Rio Tinto Alcan
By Jeremy West
The purchase and sale of real estate is often one of the most significant transactions that an individual may undertake. Unfortunately, while realtors, building inspectors
By Ryan R. Lee
These agreements allow developers to structure future cost-sharing arrangements of strata projects at the early stages of a development.
By R. Craig Neville
Separation and divorce are hard enough on you kids.
By Anita Boscariol
This case presented the opportunity for a new development in aboriginal law.
By Henry M. Ka
Information recorded in the Beneficial Register must be kept for a period of six years.
By Sarah Hentschel
Although not always successful, increasingly, plaintiffs in employment cases are making claims for damages over and above notice damages.
By Sarah Hentschel
The court noted that the employer did not provide a reference letter to Mr. Greenlees.
By Jeremy West
The use of trusts and other vehicles for business and asset protection purposes is a long-standing practice.
By Cameron Funnell
The plaintiff in this case was a supplier of ATMs and the defendant was a partnership that operated a convenience store.
By Fiona M. Beveridge
When a couple is going through a separation or divorce, the well-being of the children ought to be their first priority.
By Britni Troy
This case resulted in an award to the Plaintiff of $70,000 in damages for their pain and suffering.
By Ryan R. Lee
One of the features of the new Joint Action Plan was the provision for additional compensation to truckers beginning on a stated date.