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By Matt Carey
Everywhere you look, there is another state looking at new legislation designed to facilitate sports betting, but in one state, both a tribal casino and the state lottery have started taking bets...
By Dieter J. Raemdonck
In 2017, voters in Denver approved the so-called "Green Roofs" initiative, which called for buildings over 25,000 ft. sq. to dedicate a certain portion (between 20% and 60% depending on building size) of the rooftop to green space.
By Nicholas S. Bauman, Susan Freeman
The Court later held that bankruptcy courts could utilize the non-core procedure for submitting proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law to the district court in Stern-type cases.
By Nicholas S. Bauman, Susan Freeman
Practical Effects of the Supreme Court's Decision Relating to Secured Creditors.
By Gregory Y. Harris
The revised JRAD Rules and accompanying forms stem from the Court's initiative to promote access to justice.
By Thomas Dougherty
There's a new "buzz" in the solar energy industry and it has nothing to do with declining solar energy prices, the efficiency of solar panels, or tax credits. The "buzz" is about bees...
By John Carson
U.S. District Judge Mark Walker of the Northern District of Florida determined that no reasonable jury could find that a plaintiff-dentist's before-and-after photos of his patient's teeth are sufficiently creative or original to warrant copyright protection.
By Karl Rutledge, Glenn Light, Mary Tran
Online event ticket sales have been a common topic of complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission so much so that the Commission has announced it will hold a public workshop on March 27, 2019.
By Karl Rutledge, Glenn Light, Mary Tran
HQ Trivia has taken the country by storm. HQ Trivia is an app and trivia game, released in August 2017 on iOS and later for Android in December 2017.
By Karl Rutledge
An open letter signed by 16 international gambling regulators, which includes the Washington State Gambling Commission, stated they are "increasingly concerned with the risks being posed by the blurring of lines ..."
By Jeffrey H. Albright
On October 2, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission released Public Notice DA-18-1009 announcing the launch of the National Lifeline Eligibility Verifier in Six States: Colorado, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.
By Glenn Light, Jason Bacigalupi
As a result, manufacturers may turn to other jurisdictions in the US to premiere their products
By Karl Rutledge, Glenn Light, Mary Tran
Months after the momentous U.S. Supreme Court decision permitting states to regulate sports betting, and the subsequent introduction of sports betting in several states (including DraftKings' launch ...
By Karl Rutledge
Interesting story regarding Apple's crackdown on gambling-related apps: Click here to read the story.
By Nicholas S. Bauman, Jeffrey Sklar
A recent change to California law significantly limits the ability of debt collectors to collect a time-barred consumer debt. Effective January 1, 2019, amendments to the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ...
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