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Chapman Tripp
By Catherine Somerville, Paula Brosnahan, Jo Appleyard, Luke Hinchey, Ben Williams
The key amendments relate to resource consenting and continue a trend of reducing public participation in the processes.
By Michael Arthur, Michael Harper, Hamish Foote, Edward Scorgie, John McKay, Brian Clayton
This WA decision may have overturned the hitherto accepted view that set-off remains effective against a receiver.
By Tim Williams, Penny Sheerin, Bradley Kidd, Mike Woodbury, Sanna Boow, Emma Harding, Phoebe Gibbons, Brendon Orr
Financial service providers wanting to go on the FSPR will need to provide more than mere administrative services in NZ.
By Rachel Dunne, Roger Wallis, Geof Shirtcliffe, Josh Blackmore, Alister McDonald, Fiona Bennett
All listed issuers and other interested parties are encouraged to engage in the consultation process of this NZX review.
By Bevan Miles, Graeme Olding, Andy Nicholls, Frank McLaughlin
Tax is a top issue this campaign, featuring strongly in the leadership debates, and is a major point of difference.
By Andy Nicholls, Frank McLaughlin, Daniel Kalderimis, Tracey Epps
There are deviations in policy relating to New Zealand's participation in the TPP11 – the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
By Andy Nicholls, Frank McLaughlin, Catherine Somerville, Paula Brosnahan, Jo Appleyard, Luke Hinchey, Ben Williams
There will be more traction under climate change policy and a further rewriting of environment and planning law.
By Geof Shirtcliffe, Roger Wallis, Alister McDonald
The governance code comparison table has been updated to reflect the recent rewrite of the NZX Corporate Governance Code.
By Andy Nicholls, Frank McLaughlin, Marie Wisker, Geoff Carter
Workforce policy has always been a key area of difference between Labour and National and is again during this campaign.
By Andy Nicholls, Frank McLaughlin
In many cases, the distance between the NZ political parties is not great in terms of immediate infrastructure policy.
By Graeme Olding, Jai Nario
New measures could be included in a BEPS taxation bill to be introduced in late 2017, for enactment by July 2018.
By Garth Gallaway, Marie Wisker, Geoff Carter
The outcome of the case has been keenly awaited because it was the first successful prosecution under the new Act.
By Andy Nicholls, Frank McLaughlin
This article looks at factors that could be top of mind when the coalition negotiating teams meet behind closed doors.
By Jo Appleyard, Paula Brosnahan, Luke Hinchey, Catherine Somerville, Joanna Bain
The Productivity Commission has taken the gloves off in its issues paper on making the shift to a low emissions economy.
By Arthur Young, Frank McLaughlin, Andrew Woods, Phillippa Wilkie
Trust law is hard to get right because of the need for flexibility.
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