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By Jacopo Ronchi
The deployment of blockchain technology ("BCT") has come a long way since coming out first in the world of crypto-currency.
By Maya (nee Ladno) Buckland
Earlier this year, the IRS finalized Treasury Regulations under Section 965, as amended by the 2017 tax reform legislation.
By Libby Payne
On 26 March this year, Rebecca Kenna (ranked 3rd in the world of women's snooker), announced she had quit playing in her local snooker league last year.
By Julia Schtulman, Steven Kempster
Assisted dying is a hotly debated topic.
By Phineas Hirsch, Lauren Rapeport
Historically UK charities have faced discrimination preventing them from securing the full value of legacies from French estates.
By Paul Hewitt, Richard Walker
The case of Kohli v Proles shows how the obscure concept of domicile can be a critical factor in inheritance disputes.
By Paul Hewitt
A recent inheritance court battle pitted most of Mrs Chin's five daughters against father, brother and nephew. The daughters challenged a purported will leaving everything to their brother,
By Joseph Morales
In episode 3 of our With… Legal and Business Insights podcast, Joe Morales gives a brief recap of key happenings with the podcast and Withers from 2018 ...
By Michael Rueda
Kyle Martino left his dream job in 2018 to run for president of the U.S. Soccer Federation, the official governing body of American soccer.
By Alex Toh
It is the last month of tenancy – can the Tenant request that the Landlord deduct the rent from the Security Deposit?
By Hussein Haeri, Robert Kovacs
In February 2019, the European Parliament approved two landmark trade and investment agreements between the European Union (the "EU") and Singapore.
By Tommaso Soragni
This is an interactive film where you make choices which alter the story.
By Alice Garside
From 30 March 2019, new immigration rules, the EU Settlement Scheme, will apply to EU nationals and their family members who live in the UK.
By Giulia Cipollini, Roberto Bonomi
At the forefront of the art and fashion markets, Italy is top tier in the fashion industry and is consistently growing and developing in the art industry.
By John Huxley
In February the Equality and Human Rights Commission (‘EHRC') published significant new guidance on freedom of expression issues for universities and student unions hosting students.
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