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Dillon Eustace
By Andrew Bates, Breeda Cunningham, Kieran Cowhey
International Association of Insurance Supervisors ("IAIS")
By John Doyle
The courts will generally be in favour of alternative dispute resolution and will often encourage parties to resolve disputes by mediation.
By Elaine Healy, Lorna Kennedy
In a move to clarify the position in relation to differential costs orders the Court of Appeal has allowed an appeal and determined that proceedings were brought incorrectly in the High Court.
By Breeda Cunningham, Andrew Bates
The MiFID Reporting Requirements set out a non-exhaustive list of the regulatory reports that MiFID firms are required to submit to the Central Bank on a periodic basis
By Etain De Valera
The Central Bank of Ireland (the "Central Bank") has issued revised guidance (the "Guidance") on the use of financial indices by UCITS. A copy of the Guidance can be found here.
By Grace O'Conner
The Central Bank of Ireland (the "Central Bank") issued an industry letter on 9 October, 2018
By Andrew Bates, Donnacha O'Connor, Breeda Cunningham
On 5 July 2018, the Central Bank of Ireland ("Central Bank") published the twenty third edition of its "UCITS –Questions and Answers" ("UCITS Q&As").
By Peter Bredin
Modern discovery rules and procedure came under more scrutiny in the recent Court of Appeal decision delivered by Judge Hogan on 09 July 2018
By Etain De Valera
Recent keynote speeches from ESMA representatives and those of other key regulatory stakeholders have sent a clear message to the European funds industry as to the positive intent of such stakeholders
By Cillian Bredin, Brian Kelliher
On the 28 September 2018, ESMA published a Consultation Paper setting out draft guidelines on stress test scenarios under the MMF Regulation, which applies to all new and existing money market funds ("MMFs").
By Brian Dillon
Since the inception of the financial services industry in Ireland many of Japan's leading asset managers have either established UCITS ...
By Brian Dillon, Brian Kelliher
Increasingly Ireland has proven to be the domicile of choice for asset managers seeking to establish investment funds to invest in Indian securities.
By Tara O'Callaghan, Fionnán Gannon, Helen Daly
The FCA published a survey in June 2018 aimed at fund managers and other stakeholders addressing possible post-Brexit scenarios
By Matt Mulry, Jonathan Law
On September 24, 2018, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) published a notice confirming and extending the deadlines for the appointment and notification by funds ...
By Donnacha O'Connor
With just over three months to go before the Securitisation Regulation (the "Regulation") takes effect, in the below briefing we consider the actions ...
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