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By Vitor Palmela Fidalgo
The real impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the various fields of Law is still largely unknown.
By Jo„o Francisco SŠ
Interestingly, the iconic riff from the "Seven Nations Army" is inspired by a section of Bruckner's 5th Symphony.
By Jo„o Pereira Cabral, InÍs Monteiro Alves
The African Regional Intellectual Property Organization is an inter-governmental organization created by the Lusaka agreement, which was adopted by a diplomatic conference held in Lusaka, Zambia, on December 9, 1976.
By InÍs Monteiro Alves
The Authorities of Kenya have published, on April 10th 2018, The Statue Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill, 2018, a legislation for the amendments of several laws, in which the Industrial Property Act, 2001 (No. 3 of 2001), ...
By Joel D. Rodrigues, Jo„o Pereira Cabral
The Mozambique Industrial Property Code (IPC), which has been in force since 2016, provides six main IP rights that any entity may use to protect their distinctive signs in commerce.
By Diogo Antunes
The Angolan economy was supported substantially by Petroleum.
By Vera Albino
While the current European Copyright Law, dating back to 2001, has shown to be inappropriate in responding to the particularities of the digital market and the demands of the Author's Rights, the European Commission ...
By InÍs Monteiro Alves, InÍs D. Tavares
After 61 years of no substantial revisions to Malawi's trademark legal framework, 2016 was the year when a new and fresh trademark Bill has been finally drafted and formally published in the country's Government Gazette ...
By Vera Albino, Miguel Bibe
While countries in other continents are struggling to maintain a growth rate close to 0%, African countries continue to grow.
By Vitor Palmela Fidalgo
It is important to state what a "pharmaceutical trademark" is. When I use the term, I do not intend to mean or create a new legal type of trademark.
By Vitor Palmela Fidalgo
Contrary to the real estate business, where the system favors the concentration of wealth in only by just a few economic agents, intellectual property has the virtue of being more democratic.
By Miguel Bibe
Following the dispute between the famous car manufacturer Ferrari and the Autec AG, holded by the Kurt Hesse with respect to trademark "Testarossa" in Germany, arised the well known trademarks genuine use issue.
By Vera Albino
The protection of the rights of indigenous people, including their intellectual property rights, has made a great progress in the past few years.
By InÍs Sequeira, Diana Pereira
The translation of foreign words in determining whether they are registrable as trademarks, or confusingly similar with existing marks is, certainly, a relevant matter in the Trademarks' Right.
By Vitor Palmela Fidalgo
Intellectual property rights play a crucial role in the marketing strategy of all kinds of an increasing number of companies, and it involves a set of processes, creations and communications offerings which have value for the clients, customers or society in general.