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By Henry A. Bailey, Jr.
As a real estate attorney and former member of the City of Cleveland Board of Zoning Appeals, I have seen transactions fail due to the parties' failure to consider and resolve zoning matters at the outset.
By Ashley M. Bowcott
Despite massive technological developments and the growth of the gig economy, copyright legislation in the United States remained largely stagnant over the last twenty years.
By Katherine M. Silverman
When calculating deadlines in federal court, most attorneys are familiar with the "mailbox rule" (Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 6(d)).
By Charles H. Van Horn
A purchaser who suspects a seller misrepresented the condition of the property must quickly take action to assess available remedies.
By Benjamin I. Fink
California added LAB § 925 to its labor code, as of January 1, 2017.
By Kenneth N. Winkler
The EEOC is seeking compensatory and punitive damages and injunctive relief to prevent any future violations.
By Ruari J. O'Sullivan
If you are thinking about selling your business, there are a number of steps that you can take now, prior to negotiating with a buyer, that will make the sale process easier and may even make your business more marketable.
By Kenneth N. Winkler
As a dual graduate of The Ohio State University and a proud Buckeye fan, I was saddened to see Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer at the center of the latest sports controversy.
By Charles H. Van Horn
In previous blogs, we've touched on the concept of due diligence during a real estate transaction.
By Neal F. Weinrich
Non-compete agreements and the fact that they are frequently abused have been a newsworthy topic in the last few years.
By Neal F. Weinrich
In Carpetcare, an employer sued a former independent contractor for violating his non-compete.
By Daniel H. Park
An EEOC charge is not required to be formally served like a lawsuit.
By Benjamin I. Fink
In addition, the changes implemented in Massachusetts could portend changes in other states, including Georgia.
By Lauren S. Frisch
Most people are familiar with the Federal Trade Commission Act; however, few people are aware of the additional protections for consumers and legitimate business provided at the state level.
By William J. Piercy
A derivative claim is a mechanism by which a minority shareholder in a corporation, or a member in a limited liability company, can bring a lawsuit on the company's behalf even if the company's management does not endorse the pursuit of that claim.