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By Perenami Momodu, Oluwatobi Oyewale
The Federal High Court Lagos, delivered a ruling in Suit No.: FHC/L/CP/540/2012 RRSAT Global Communications Networks Limited v Daar Communications Plc, affirming its jurisdiction to hear a petition for the winding up ...
By Olatoye Akinbode, Evangel Anih
Private placement refers to the issuing of securities by a company to a small number of select persons.
By Temiloluwa Oladele
Tax liability attaches to the assets and incomes belonging to or accruing to persons which may, within the context, include natural and corporate persons under the laws in force in Nigeria.
By Cynthia Eke
The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), in a judgment delivered by Honourable Justice Valentine B. Ashi in Suit No. FCT/HC/CV/2625/16 on 12th April 2018, declared as null and void the practice...
By Ibifubara Berenibara
When the military government in 1999 promulgated the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria , it included in section 251(1) of the schedule thereof, causes and matters wherein...
Furthermore, arbitral proceedings are regulated by the arbitration rules agreed upon by the parties.
By Ibifubara Berenibara
Litigation or the process of dispute resolution is termed to be a very serious process. It is the process that potentially culminates in the determination of parties' rights and liabilities...
By Olufunke Adekoya, Ibifubara Berenibara
The Nigerian Court of Appeal confirms that an Arbitral Tribunal has no Jurisdiction to determine contractual disputes, the resolution of which has tax implications for any of the parties.
By Ibifubara Berenibara, Chizaram Uzodinma
The Nigerian Court of Appeal in Esso Petroleum and Production Nigeria Limited & Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited v. Federal Inland Revenue Service & Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation ...
By Davidson Oturu
A domain name is a unique name that an individual or organization chooses in order to identify his/its website.
By Davidson Oturu
The award of damages and costs were also set aside by the Court of Appeal.
By Davidson Oturu
Copyright is a form of intellectual property. It has been defined by Black's Law Dictionary, 9th Edition as a right granted to the author or originator of certain literary or artistic productions...
By Davidson Oturu
This is the final part of the article where we will examine trade secrets. We will also distinguish trademarks, patents and trade secrets.
By Davidson Oturu
WIPO defines a patent as an exclusive right granted in respect of an invention, which may be a product or a process that provides a new and inventive way of doing something, or offers a new...
By Davidson Oturu
Trademarks, trade secrets and patents are different forms of intellectual property that are capable of being protected in Nigeria. However, non-professionals tend to find a few of these terms a bit confusing.