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By Gabriel Nwodo
Value Added tax (VAT), sales tax, and hotel occupancy and restaurant consumption tax are forms of consumption taxes whose economic burden rests on the final consumer.
By Olubusola Diya
Representations, covenants and events of defaults (the "Core Clauses") are the foundations of loan agreements, and a number of these clauses are often found in a loan agreement.
By Ibifubara Berenibara
A satisfactorily concluded dispute resolution mechanism, at least to an award creditor, is the successful enforcement of the decision of the arbitral tribunal.
By Pelumi Akoni
Infringement of patent arises from deliberately or inadvertently performing any of the acts which are exclusively reserved by law for the patent holder.
By Ojuolape Kalesanwo
Islamic financing has gained ground in Nigeria in recent times. Further to this, Islamic finance institutions are being set up and the government at both state and federal levels have issued sukuk bonds.
By Olusina Sipasi
In September 2013, the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry was privatised. Six generation companies and 11 distribution companies were sold to investors who acquired a minimum of 60% of the shares of each company.
By Ibifubara Berenibara, Odinaka Okoye
The High Court of Kenya lacks jurisdiction to hear an application seeking to set aside a foreign arbitral award where the agreed seat of arbitration is outside the jurisdiction of the High Court.
By Yewande Ogunajo
This requirement will also apply to grants NewCo receives from international bodies, provided the funds are in foreign currency.
By Perenami Momodu, Oluwatobi Oyewale
The Federal High Court Lagos, delivered a ruling in Suit No.: FHC/L/CP/540/2012 RRSAT Global Communications Networks Limited v Daar Communications Plc, affirming its jurisdiction to hear a petition for the winding up ...
By Olatoye Akinbode, Evangel Anih
Private placement refers to the issuing of securities by a company to a small number of select persons.
By Temiloluwa Oladele
Tax liability attaches to the assets and incomes belonging to or accruing to persons which may, within the context, include natural and corporate persons under the laws in force in Nigeria.
By Cynthia Eke
The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), in a judgment delivered by Honourable Justice Valentine B. Ashi in Suit No. FCT/HC/CV/2625/16 on 12th April 2018, declared as null and void the practice...
By Ibifubara Berenibara
When the military government in 1999 promulgated the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria , it included in section 251(1) of the schedule thereof, causes and matters wherein...
Furthermore, arbitral proceedings are regulated by the arbitration rules agreed upon by the parties.
By Ibifubara Berenibara
Litigation or the process of dispute resolution is termed to be a very serious process. It is the process that potentially culminates in the determination of parties' rights and liabilities...