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By Kevin Bourque
Kevin Bourque worked for a global asset finance bank for 6 years as head of legal for the largest division in that bank. He is now a Senior Counsel at Hughes Krupica based in Bangkok.
By Kevin Bourque
The following provisions are a compendium of useful drafting and review criteria, put together by Kevin Bourque, Senior Counsel, Hughes Krupica, which can be used as a road map or checklist for syndicated and ...
By Robert Krupica
Legal liability relating to negligent road accidents, in particular accidents caused by "brake-failing" buses and the like is my subject in this article.
By Victor Smith
Historically Thailand has not been perceived as being an "arbitration friendly" jurisdiction by foreign investors and those involved in arbitration proceedings.
By Desmond R. L Hughes
The Board of Investment regularly updates its rules and accomodating features for Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand.