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By Samantha Bradshaw
"There's been a breach!" is a quote from countless movies and television shows over the past few decades, but what happens with it's a breach into a company that has sensitive information about its customers.
By Eptalex  
Over the past few months, Lebanese policy makers have dealt with two important issues: the increase of public sector wages and the funding of the hike by increasing taxes.
By Eptalex  
The GCC Common VAT Agreement and the GCC Common Excise Agreement contain the substantial provisions governing the fiscal system in the region.
By Christiane Ghneim
The local country is a federation of seven emirates.
By Cristina Knupfer
The Italian Ministerial Decree of October 27, 2015 (implementing section 7, second paragraph, of the Italian legislative decree 42/2015) has provided for the exemption to certify income for those...
By Rima Abou Mrad, Mazen Fakih
What are the key differences in the legislation in this jurisdiction and other key international jurisdictions?
The perpetrated acts may be qualified as Health Insurance Fraud irrespective of achieving the intended purpose.
By Claudia Caluori
Per lungo tempo il Libano è stato noto a tutti per il regime di segretezza vigente nel sistema bancario, che risulta essere uno dei piu forti e stabili al mondo dal 1956, anno dell'entrata in vigour...
By Tax Department, Milan
The new Finance Law 2017 aims at putting Italy in a competitive position in order to attract people and organizations, and proposes an evident and remarkable reduction of tax on foreign income...
Actually, United Arab Emirates will start exchanging information referring to fiscal year 2017.
By Claudia Caluori
This paper aims to give an overview of investor-state dispute settlement, with descriptions of mediation and international investment, two broad and undefined (better to say undefinable, actually) concepts...
By Rurik McKaiser, Samantha Bradshaw
We attempt to clarify Section 20(9) of the Companies Act through Stephen Malcolm Gore N.O. case