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By Nicolas Di Nardo
Even though it is still around a year away, when marijuana becomes legal next July, tough rules may come along with it.
By Samantha Hamilton
There is a gap in the deportation system, and it is being filled with indefinite detention.
By Katelyn Bell (Summer Law Student)
Back in January, we discussed the issue of dogs having rights similar to that of children in a custody battle.
By Nicolas Di Nardo
Recently a woman made headlines after a video was posted online showing her hitting her dog on a Toronto subway train. She was later arrested by the Toronto Police and the OSPCA, and the dog was seized.
By Nicolas Di Nardo
Desperate migrants are still making a run for it to Canada's border.
By Stuart Clark
According to the Toronto Star, the Ontario government has offered faculty members at the province's colleges a 7.5% wage hike. However, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union ("OPSEU")...
By Nicolas Di Nardo
Barrie could be expanding at a faster rate than people think.
By Nicolas Di Nardo
The days of romantic dates could potentially disappear if the Federal government decides to reduce the legal alcohol limit for licensed drivers.
By Nicolas Di Nardo
The people who inhabit these apartments have become trapped as a result of the misguided visions of the future.
By Nicolas Di Nardo
A man that was on the verge of marriage, Brett Ryan, 36, pleaded guilty last week to killing his mother, and two of his brothers in August 2016.
By Nicolas Di Nardo
A Toronto-based soldier, Master Warrant Officer Mardie Reyes of the 7th Toronto Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery was charged last week with seven counts of voyeurism, after allegedly recording video of Canadian armed forces members ...
By David Schell
Canna Clinic has been raided for the third time in only two weeks. Canna Clinic is a B.C.-based dispensary chain that has opened up in Toronto.
By Katelyn Bell (Summer Law Student)
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ("Charter") guarantees certain protections to Canadian citizens, such as the right to life, liberty and security of the person; the right to be free...
By Nicolas Di Nardo
Making many major news headlines last week is a video of a man drowning, while bystanders watch, unwilling to help.
By Nicolas Di Nardo
Already checked in for your flight tomorrow? Flying out of Pearson by the end of the week? You better make sure you continuously check your flight time, because your flight could face some delays.
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