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By Nour Hamza
Prior to entering a Distribution Agreement with a local Distributor in the UAE, the foreign principal should put into consideration several aspects that can negatively affect the Principal in the long run.
By Althea E. Rozario
The game originated a long time back in ancient Greece.
By Soukaina Fartat
May 2019, the Court of Appeal exonerated two women after being charged with breach of trust for four years.
By Saif Al Shamsi
The serious defect resulted in damaging the walls and floor, thus, preventing the buyer from using his property neither from housing, renting, nor selling.
By Saif Al Shamsi
In a fast-growing city like Dubai, the rent-to-own scheme has swiftly gained traction amongst aspiring property owners as an alternative option to own a property, by paying rent under the scheme which will ultimately be converted to equity.
By Dema Khafaji
The protection of trade names is crucial for companies and trade name owners. The illegal use of these names by unauthorized entities reflects bad faith and negatively affects the business operations
By Althea E. Rozario
The protection of Intellectual Property Rights emerged since 500 BC and has evolved to the present day to meet our requirements.
By Swathy Sanjay
There are different ways in which wills can be drafted in the UAE.
By Beenish Haider
Foreign ownership in UAE is a subject that has been on the radar of trending discussions, in particular after FDI Law.
By Marcela Junkova
The UAE has recently launched a permanent residency scheme for investors and exceptional doctors, engineers, scientists, and artists called the "Golden Card".
By Ahmad Barasneh
Trademarks have always been the core of the business of any company as they are considered a valuable asset.
Iran has updated the process for trademark registrations.
By Ahmad Barasneh
Judicial Precedents have always been a core principle in our legal system. Even though such precedents are not considered as binding in the UAE, they do carry a persuasive value...