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By Youssry Saleh & Partners
The VAS services are services that are based on the content or format of the information that has changed in the content or body of the information it adds value to or provides integration between...
By Maha Ibrahim
Tourism in Egypt is flourishing, as it became a destination for many tourists due to its many attractions especially the peculiarity of its food.
By Youssry Saleh & Partners
Changing the company's legal form is mainly regulated by the Companies Act No. 159 of the year 1981 and its Executive Regulations; in particular Article No. 136 of the Companies Act...
By Zaynab Ismail
Franchise is a practice of the right to run a Company's business system and brand for a certain period of time.
By Youssry Saleh
In case of revocability of the documentary credit, the bank shall not be subject to any obligation.
By Youssry Saleh
C-Provisions of domestic law on the authorization of the export of technology.
By Youssry Saleh
Such written letter undertaking from the bank must be self-sufficient to articulate the content and extent of both parties' obligations therein.
By Yulia Akinfieva, M.B.A, LL.M.
Egypt after 2011 started to focus mainly on energy and renewable energy sectors as an integral part of the main projects in the sustainable development plan 2030.
By Menna Hashem
In order to appoint, change or dismiss the General Manager of the Company, certain procedures shall be taken according to the Egyptian Laws and Regulations.
By Maha Ibrahim
Generally speaking when there is a situation in dispute, the parties may need an expert to tell them what and how they can do about such situation.
By Youssry Saleh & Partners
The long-waited New Egyptian Investment Law No. 72 of the year 2017 was finally passed by the Parliament and issued by the President, this law is expected to attract the investors for the incentives...
By Youssry Saleh
Collision is a maritime danger that frequently occurs especially after the increase of the number of ships sailing in the seas, multiplication of their velocities and unification of navigation lines.
By Mariam Ralgy
The liquidation of companies in Egypt is governed by the Egyptian Companies Law. No. 159/1981, the law governs all the aspects of the companies' liquidation including the reasons of liquidation...
By Youssry Saleh & Partners
Foreign enterprises wishing to conduct business in Egypt may enter the Egyptian market by establishing a permanent legal structure. Foreign investors are permitted to establish various types of entities...
By Merna Saad
Banking industry in Egypt is one of the oldest and largest industries in the region that plays a critical role in the development process in Egypt.
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