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By Matthew Vittone
At the same time, the FTC also announced that it settled its first-ever complaint against individual social media influencers.
By Oleksandr Padalka (Sayenkho Kharenko)
Despite there are no rigid legislative deadlines as to when the Court shall begin its operation, we nevertheless hope that all the stakeholders will ensure its deployment within tight deadlines.
By Oleksandr Padalka (Sayenkho Kharenko)
Moreover, operators and providers will be obliged to draw up reports on the above violations, and to send the respective reports to competent state authorities upon their request.
By Erik Ullberg (Wistrand), Gunilla Karlsson
In 2017 the Swedish Patent and Marketing Court (the Court) delivered a judgement concerning the application of freedom of religion within marketing law.
By Ricardo Henriques (PBBR.A)
On September 19th 2017, the Lisbon Court of Appeal confirmed the decision of the Regulatory Authority for the Media ("ERC") to apply a fine of € 20.000,00 to TVI (Televisão Independente S.A.).
By Ebba Hoogenraad (Hoogenraad & Haak), Sarah Arayess
What's in a name? Some years back, the dairy industry did a lot of lobbying in Brussels.
By Daniël Haije (Hoogenraad & Haak)
Scotch had demanded a pan-European injunction. Copyright law is largely the same across EU member states, due to the Copyright Directive.
By Ebba Hoogenraad (Hoogenraad & Haak), Bram Duivenvoorde (Hoogenraad & Haak)
The complaints were targeted against the offer of baby food in a number of webshops.
By Daniël Haije (Hoogenraad & Haak)
The Amsterdam District Court found in favour of Max Verstappen in the action on the merits against Picnic.
By Bram Duivenvoorde (Hoogenraad & Haak)
Under European legislation, fuel and CO2 information must be disclosed in a number of types of adverts for private cars.
By Felix Hofer (Hofer Lösch Torricelli)
In a recent post I have reported about how gender stereotypes and sexism in commercial communication are resulting in an issue of growing concern throughout Europe.
By Felix Hofer (Hofer Lösch Torricelli)
1.The use of stereotypes with gender discrimination in advertising is not exactly a new issue.
By Angus Forsyth (Stevenson, Wong & Co.)
The Tribunal made an award on Jurisdiction and Admissibility in which it addressed only the three bifurcated objections raised by the Australian government.
By Angus Forsyth (Stevenson, Wong & Co.)
The Commissioner made a number of further attempts to contact the director all of which were unsuccessful.
By Mohamed Eldib (Eldib & Co)
Egypt is viewed as the most popular country in the region in terms of media and advertising.