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By Caroline Bouvier (Bernard Hertz Bjot), Michel Bjot (Bernard Hertz Bjot)
The 1993 Loi Sapin pertaining to the prevention of corruption and transparency in the economical life and public proceedings significantly modified the rules and regulations pertaining to advertising space brokerage...
By Juan Uribe (Triana, Uribe & Michelsen)
A TV commercial launched in August 2016 gave rise to an intense discussion over the fundamental right of consumers to access information regarding health risks produced by sugary drinks...
By George Georgiou (George Z. Georgiou & Associates LLC)
Misleading commercial practices are the core of two recent decisions handed down by the Competition and Consumer Protection Service, being the government watchdog on unfair B2C practices...
By Justina Zhang (TransAsia Lawyers)
On June 1, 2017 China's new Cyber Security Law will come into effect. This law moves China one step closer to requiring that at least some internet companies and other data handlers...
By Stefan Kofler (Greiter, Pegger, Kofler & Partners)
Before Easter 2017, Palmers, a leading clothing manufacturer in Austria, started an advertising campaign for its lingerie collection.
By Rosngela Delgado (Veirano Advogados)
Advertising to children is currently a heated topic in Brazil in view of the recent decisions by the Superior Court of Justice ("STJ").
The book provides an overview of the laws governing sweepstakes and contests in more than 50 countries around the world.
Intended for both marketers and their counsel, the series provides an overview of recent changes in the law affecting advertiser in different countries.
The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance ("GALA") recently elected three new members to its Executive Committee.
The program will features speakers from seven countries.
By Brenda Kahari (BW Kahari), Alvin Kalira (BW Kahari)
On the 14th of October, 2016 the Food and Food Standards (Fortification) Regulations Statutory Instrument 120 of 2016 were published in the Government Gazette.
By Brinsley Dresden (Lewis Silkin)
The long-awaited Guidance for Traders on Pricing Practices was finally issued by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSi) in December 2016.
By Delia Fehr-Bosshard (VISCHER AG)
Switzerland is not part of the European Union and regulates advertising independently.
By Hande Haner (Gn & Partners)
The Amending Regulation, first of all, postpones the enforcement date for the rule allowing the use of name or trademark of the competitor in the comparative advertisement.
By Erik Ullberg (Wistrand)
Since September 1, 2016, nearly all cases in Sweden related to IP and marketing law are handled by the newly established Patent and Market Court.