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By Mark Curmi
"Under the Microscope" provides an insightful analysis of the performance of Maltese licensed banks, over 2016/2017, and includes financial assessments and insights directly from our leading local experts.
By Simon Xuereb
The Global Residence Programme (GRP), launched in 2013, enables qualifying applicants and their dependants to benefit from a flat tax rate of 15%.
By Simon Xuereb
In order for an individual to be granted a formal determination for eligibility as a beneficiary in terms of such Rules, an application must be submitted to Transport Malta.
By Simon Xuereb
Malta is becoming an increasingly popular destination for many foreigners looking to relocate.
By Ema Marie Attard
Talent development is a fundamental pillar of strategic talent management.
By Mark Curmi
The local financial services industry has gained significant ground in the past years and currently boasts over 40 licence holders regulated under the Financial Institutions Act.
By Russell Mifsud
The exploration of applying Blockchain technology to the local economy is still in its early stages.
By André Zarb
The Rules aim to approximate the tax treatment of equity with that of debt.
By Anthony Pace
The Act re-introduced an exemption from capital gains on the listing of shares on a stock exchange recognised under the Financial Markets Act.
By Eric Muscat
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), was approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016.
By Anthony Pace, Juanita Brockdorff
On 21 November 2017, two sets of Guidelines were published in the Government gazette in relation to the gambling VAT exemption.
By Pierre Portelli, Paul Pace Ross, Stephan Piazza
Malta developed a strong legal and regulatory platform that enabled the Maltese Flag to become an established and reputable International Ship Register which is now one of the largest in the world.
By Mark Bamber
The current administration has proposed to upgrade Malta's road network within a relatively short time frame.
By Simon Xuereb
This is an outline of the salient recent amendments aimed at improving Malta's attractiveness in the aviation industry.
By André Zarb
A summary of the key fiscal and economic points of Budget 2018.
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