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By Mark Warren
New sentencing laws and Intensive Correction Orders (ICOs) were introduced to reduce the growing NSW prison population.
By Joshua Crowther
Tax time: it's the time of the year to get your financial paperwork together and review all your assets and liabilities.
By Anneka Frayne
What happens if you are a co-owner of a property and want to put it on the market, but the other owner refuses to sell?
By Alexander Hairs
The patient sued the hospital where the hernia repair operation had taken place, in both battery and medical negligence.
By Zohra Ali
The court needed to determine if there were factors warranting an order for provision to be made in favour of the nephew.
By Simone Timbs
The High Court ruled on how the law applies to a sperm donor who wants to be considered the legal father of the child.
By David Crossan
Interesting case involving neighbours who disputed the legitimacy of an easement over property for use as a garage.
By Nathan Luke
Warning to employees that there are no secrets on the internet and to employers to have a clear social media policy.
By Justin Stack
Article discusses the dire consequences of ignoring safe work practices on farms.
By Nathan Luke
Recent case observes rights of assistance dog that is not a guide dog for the blind. Staff must understand these rights.
By Nathan Luke
Discussion about casual workers including the uncertainty, rights, consequences of injury, option to convert to permanent etc
By Jack Miller
The court found beyond reasonable doubt that the accused was grossly negligent for failing to get medical attention.
By Simone Timbs
Article discusses case which raised the question of whether there had been a miscarriage of justice due to non disclosure.
By Nathan Luke
Fair Work Ombudsman has set a strong precedent for preventing workplace discrimination. Recent landmark case discussed here. .
By Anneka Frayne
Article explains and discusses illegal phoenix activity including the cost of it, involvement by ASIC, reforms etc.
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