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By Pallett Valo LLP
The Ontario Court of Appeal recently delivered a decision which provides much-needed guidance on both the power and limitations of vesting orders in Receivership proceedings.
By Kate Bresner
An investigation is generally completed once the investigator has presented his or her findings in the report.
By Daniel Waldman
A few recent decisions from the Ontario Courts may provide a bullet-proof strategy for responding counsel to resist summary judgment motions.
By Matthew Kindree
The CBCA defines an "individual" as a natural person.
By Harjot Atwal
Our clients deserve exemplary service that is both cost-effective and time-efficient.
By Craig Ross
You've heard the terms – cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin – but unless you have been personally dabbling in the emerging virtual currency marketplace, it is unlikely you have given it much thought.
Hundreds of people became ill in the summer of 2008 after consuming tainted ready-to-eat ("RTE") meats manufactured by Maple Leaf Foods Inc. ("Maple Leaf").
By Nishi Malik
The long arm of comprehensive EU privacy legislation can reach across the Atlantic Ocean and grab hold of Canadian companies that fail to comply with it.
In 2017, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice held that a grandchild born out of wedlock was not entitled to share in his late grandmother's estate because he did not fall within the definition...
By Sudevi Mukherjee-Gothi
Facebook recently advised that I have celebrated my 10 year anniversary with them – longer than my actual wedding anniversary! For most, social media, such as Facebook is a means to sharing events, photographs, opinions, and information on life events. However, should there be an expectation that those posts remain private, when involved in litigation?
By Sudevi Mukherjee-Gothi, Anne Kennedy, Jeffrey Percival, Geoff Janoscik, Marc D. Whiteley, Steven Pordage, Manpreet Brar
Our group recently came across 2 insurance cases: the first addresses whether your home insurance can provide coverage for a work place incident, and the second, focuses on coverage for operating another person's motor vehicle, when you may have restrictions with regard to operating your own vehicle.
By Anna Esposito, Jeffrey Percival, Scott Price, Maria Ruberto, Neeta Sandhu, Jill Snelgrove
Bill 142, Construction Lien Amendment Act, 2017 received Royal Assent on December 12, 2017. It amends the Construction Lien Act which will be renamed the Construction Act (the "Act").
By Murray Box, Andréa Brinston, Sawsan Selwyn
Commercial leases will almost always have a provision prohibiting a tenant from assigning the lease or from subleasing, licensing or otherwise sharing possession of all or part of the premises to a third party without the consent of the landlord.
By Andy Balaura, Joe Conte, Nishi Malik
Uber. Equifax. Yahoo. Hardly a month went by in 2017 without news of yet another major privacy breach at a multi-national corporation. Sensitive personal information of an estimated one billion-plus customers landed in the hands of hackers, subjecting those customers to potentially serious consequences, including identity theft.
By Jason Hayward
The borderless reach of the Internet allows entities to interact with largely unfettered scope, facilitating trade, commerce and creativity. But it can also lead to confusion when a dispute arises between businesses based in different countries.