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By Leanne Monsma
In Ryerson University and Ryerson Faculty Association, a recent case out of Ontario, an arbitrator was asked to consider the appropriateness of interim measures imposed on an employee ...
By Andrew Wilkinson, Catriona Otto-Johnston
In Alberta, where a contractor is of the opinion that the work under its contract is substantially performed, the contractor may issue ...
By Adam Ollenberger
The law of summary judgment in Alberta has recently been in flux regarding the standard of proof required to resolve a dispute summarily: some panels of the Court have held that proof on a balance
By Catriona Otto-Johnston, Andrew Wilkinson
Today the Supreme Court of Canada released their decision in Re: Redwater [2019 SCC 5].
By Catriona Otto-Johnston
Builders' liens are an important tool, providing contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers security for unpaid work. The template s.48 Order requires a lien claimant to file a Statement of Claim
By Evie Thorne
After a lengthy period of time off work, a school board failed to accommodate a teacher with their return to work within a suitable time.
By Steve Eichler, Christin Elawny, Jenna Kirk, Jason Kully, Laura MacFarlane, Frank Molnar, Leanne Monsma, Kelly Nicholson, Albert Nolette, Thomas O'Reilly, Sharon A. Roberts, Karen Tereposky, Evie Thorne, Taylor Woolsey
The Field Law Labour and Employment Group presents the annual Year in Review seminars in Calgary and Edmonton. Join us for legal updates and practical challenges for management and employee groups in the areas of:
By Christin Elawny, Jenna Kirk, Kelly Nicholson
Join Field Law for a review of the most important legal cases from 2018. Topics covered will include:
By James T. Casey QC, Kimberly Precht
Learn about the most important professional regulatory Court cases of the past year. What are the key legal trends? What are the strategic and operational implications for regulators?
By Erika Carrasco, Christin Elawny, Mark Mielke
With the legalization of recreational cannabis and regulations for edibles soon to come, Field Law's Cannabis Group has the knowledge and experience to help clients, including those in the insurance industry, understand how cannabis laws impact them.
By Mark Mielke
A carbon tax is coming to the Northwest Territories (the "NWT"). The Government of the Northwest Territories (the "GNWT")
By Field LLP
Social hosts were denied summary dismissal after a drunken guest got into an accident, injuring the plaintiff, after the guest had first made it home safely
By Field LLP
An Ontario Court sets out the factors for determining who the "lessee" of a rented/ leased vehicle is for the purposes of determining the priority of insurers providing coverage.
By Field LLP
A claim for diminished value of a vehicle repaired after an accident is not covered under Section C of the Alberta Standard Auto Policy, SPF No. 1.
By Field LLP
Employers can be vicariously liable at common law for the actions of a rogue employee who brings about an unauthorized cyber data breach
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