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By Michael Doerksen
On November 15, 2018 the Supreme Court of Canada denied an application for leave to appeal the decision of the Alberta Court of Appeal in Cardinal v Alberta Motor Association Insurance Company, 2018 ABCA 69 (Cardinal).
By Evie Thorne
The Alberta Court of Queen's Bench has dismissed an application for judicial review of an arbitration award upholding an employee's decision to submit two employees to drug and alcohol
By James T. Casey QC, Katrina Haymond
In June of 2018, Alberta Health issued a Discussion Document indicating that the Government was considering amendments to the Health Professions Act to better protect patients from sexual abuse by health professionals.
By Field LLP
The Court assessed liability between a Plaintiff who failed to stop at a stop sign and the driver of a vehicle who did not clearly see the cyclist as a result of a "blind spot" created by a pillar in his vehicle...
By Field LLP
The condominium corporation argued that this exclusion clause did not apply to the damage to the parkade.
By Field LLP
The Plainitff Novak fell off a ladder at an after-hours jam session held at Patel's engineering firm Lakeland Engineering.
By Field LLP
Summary judgment ordering specific performance of a settlement reached during a binding Judicial Dispute Resolution was upheld
By Field LLP
A damage assessment of $175,000 plus $25,000 for punitives for a single instance of sexual assault upon a colleague
By Field LLP
A British Columbia court has come out with one of the first Canadian decisions directly addressing the enforcement of rights to ownership of cryptocurrency
By Laura MacFarlane, Richard Stobbe
Through its automatic web of connections, the humble hashtag has been repurposed: it's now associated with the cachet of internet fame.
By Richard Stobbe
A "smart contract" is really a set of computer programs designed to automatically execute certain transaction steps, provided certain conditions are met.
By Thomas O'Reilly
A trademark is the consistently used brand identifier of tens of thousands of consumer products and services you regularly see – the Apple "Apple", the Microsoft "Window", the Nike "Swoosh",
By Jenna Kirk
On December 18, 2018, Canada will begin imposing tough new penalties on those who drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including cannabis, or who commit cannabis-related crimes.
By Steve Eichler, Taylor Woolsey, Laura Triana
Since its issuance, R. v Precision Diversified Oilfield Services Corp, 2018 ABCA 273, has caused the Crown to re-evaluate all charges including the language of "reasonably practicable" (for employers or prime contractors).
By Evie Thorne
Two employees were involved in a near miss accident just outside Fort McMurray.
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