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By František Korbel, Kateřina Staňková, Karolina Repikova
On 1 January 2018, an amendment to the Building Act ("Amendment") will come into effect. The Amendment will introduce a number of conceptual changes adopted primarily ...
By Lukas Syrovy, Ladislav Vajdik
Nearly three years ago, many a co-owner of a thing felt relieved when the statutory pre-emptive right of other co-owners to his/her co-owner's share was cancelled as of 1 January
By Robert Nespurek, Richard Otevřel, Monika Matysová
In October this year, another interesting decision relating to data protection was issued in response to the constant evolution of modern communication technologies, dealing specifically with the definition ...
By Robert Nespurek, Jaroslav Šuchman, Jan Jaros
The Regulation defines professional qualities as expert knowledge of data protection law and practices.
By Barbora Karo
If a contract is performed after 1 April 2012, the contractor will be obligated to deliver a list of subcontractors to the public contracting authority, so that the latter may post the list on its profile.
By Aleš Roztočil, Lumír Swiech
During its upcoming session in September the Chamber of Deputies is scheduled to further discuss a bill of the substantially amended Building Code which should come into effect as of 1 January 2013.
By Tomáš Valouch, Zuzana Tonarová
The draft Act allows for the cancellation of the circulation of physical bearer shares.
By Michaela Riedlová, Kateřina Havlíková
Specific changes will affect various areas, including the cancellation of an entrepreneur's obligation to mark his/her establishment with an identification number.
By Ivan Rámeš
Most consumers are already aware that if they shop on-line they can, within two weeks of the purchase rescind the purchase contract and return the goods without stating a reason and without being subject to any sanctions.
By Dušan Sedláček, Petr Bříza
The new Mediation Act came into force on 1 September 2012.
By Natalija Traurigová, Lyudmila Izmailova
The employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic is governed by Act No. 435/2004 Sb., on Employment (the "Employment Act").
By Petr Solský
Professional services, as well as large and technologically complex deliveries and supplies, entail certain intrinsic criteria for the selection of a suitable contractor, including the quality of services, financial strength and stability, and a responsible approach of the contractor to his performance.
By Ivan Barabáš, Lumír Swiech
The long-expected recodification of Czech private law has now entered the second reading before the Chamber of Deputies, despite the resistance of the opposition MPs.
By Daniel Uličný, Jana Špačková
Execution auctions and court auctions are conducted under the Civil Procedure Code, while compulsory public auctions are conducted under the provisions of the Public Auction Act.
By Petr Opluštil
Act No. 183/2006 Sb., on landscape planning and building regulations, in effect as of 1 January 2007 (the "Building Act"), has introduced the concept of an "authorised inspector".