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By Robert Schonfeld
One generally does not think of municipalities, who are often sued under the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA), as being plaintiffs in actions under that statute.
By Leslie Berkoff, Krista Kulp
One of the many issues that hospitals and other health care providers face when they become insolvent is addressing their Medicare provider agreements and the prohibitions contained within the Medicare Act.
By Leslie Berkoff
In order to set the stage for a successful mediation, it is crucial to select the right mediator. Not every mediator is the right fit for every kind of mediation.
By Steven Rubin
The challenges that come along with securing sensitive information are unprecedented. It has become extremely difficult to protect data which is stored electronically, and breaches have unfortunately become a frequent occurrence.
By Jonathan Trafimow
PFL requires almost all New York employers, regardless of size, to provide eligible employees with 12 weeks of paid leave to engage in "family care," namely, to care for a child following birth...
By Henry Klosowski, Moira Jabir
It is the season of giving which ultimately fuels the season of estate and gift tax audits.
By Jonathan Trafimow, Julia Gavrilov
Many litigants are understandably reluctant to publicly disclose the terms of their settlement agreements.
By Jonathan Trafimow, James Chou
On November 16, 2016, Mayor Bill DeBlasio signed into law a bill to safeguard freelance workers against wage theft by hiring parties.
By Steven Rubin
On December 6, 2016, the Supreme Court clarified the scope of damages in a design patent infringement case.
By Steven Rubin
It was shocking to learn that the recent distributed denial-of-service attack of the nation's internet infrastructure via DNS provider Dyn was aided and abetted by a hijacked army of products...
By Moira Jabir
On August 4, 2016, Proposed Regulations under Section 2704 of the Internal Revenue Code ("Proposed Regulations") were published in the Federal Register...
By Steven Rubin, Jonathan Trafimow
Businesses that seek to protect their valuable trade secrets, and do so efficiently, should be aware of the Defend Trade Secrets Act and how The Act differs from their governing state's law.
By Steven Rubin
Technology executives are in a good position to see that contradictory requirements in the areas of data protection and privacy have created a confusing patchwork.
By Steven Rubin
Compared with the rest of the world, the United States has historically been a more open framework when dealing with information.
By Jonathan Trafimow
This practice note will help you navigate whether and how to make an offer of judgment in employment cases.
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