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By David Wechsler, Moira Jabir
In the 21st century, the term artist encompasses many different mediums from literary works and paintings to music, apps, audiovisual and architecture.
By Stephen Brodsky
When will an "agreement to agree" be enforceable, and when can you require another party to negotiate with you?
By Michelle Espey, Laurie B. Kazenoff, Robert M. Finkel
This, together with the limitation on the deduction for state and local taxes, will result in more taxpayers using the standard deduction in 2018 and later years.
By Henry Goldberg, Stephen Brodsky
As discussed in the first of this two-article series, public agencies often inappropriately pressure contractors to meet M/WBE participation "goals" on projects as if such goals were strict quotas or mandates.
By Steven P. Seltzer
Why should lawyers who practice law outside the US be interested in or need to know about 'attorney client privilege' rules in the US? Because of how the privilege is applied and can impact litigation proceedings there.
By Leslie Berkoff
Traditionally, the joint session has been the foundation of the mediation process. In biblical times, sparring community members often resolved conflicts by gathering together in an open forum...
By Henry Goldberg
For many reasons, not the least political, NYS contracting agency personnel are under increasing pressure to strictly enforce M/WBE regulations
By Laurie B. Kazenoff
The United States Internal Revenue Service will soon begin implementing a new tactic for collecting delinquent taxes.
By Leslie Berkoff
the past six months, the number of cybersecurity attacks have increased around the globe, many of which have specifically impacted the healthcare industry.
By Steven Rubin
In recent years plaintiffs have leveraged an area of patent law by filing patent infringement lawsuits in forums which are perceived as being patent plaintiff friendly.
By Jonathan Trafimow
On May 4th Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a new bill into law that, when it goes into effect on October 31, 2017, will bar New York City employers from inquiring about job applicants' salary histories.
By Leslie Berkoff, Krista Kulp
The power of bankruptcy courts to adjudicate Medicare provider agreements has been addressed by several circuit courts in recent years. Given the distressed nature of the health care industry...
By Steven Rubin
On May 30, 2017, the Supreme Court clarified the doctrine of patent exhaustion in Impression Prods. v. Lexmark Int'l.
By Robert Schonfeld
One generally does not think of municipalities, who are often sued under the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA), as being plaintiffs in actions under that statute.
By Leslie Berkoff, Krista Kulp
One of the many issues that hospitals and other health care providers face when they become insolvent is addressing their Medicare provider agreements and the prohibitions contained within the Medicare Act.
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