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By Ben Keenan, Mitchell Teasdale
Employers should have a robust and effective WHS system or the costs can be severe – both personally and financially.
By Paul O'Dea
These new laws will shift the responsibility for paying GST on new residential premises from developers to purchasers.
By Kate Gardner, Suzette Caldaroni
The CSF regime provides an online, innovative, accessible and cost effective process for companies to source capital.
By Ruby Mackenzie-Harris, Brad Vinning
Article discusses online agreements, their origins, how to identify them, their legal enforceability and recommendations.
By Ben Keenan
Recent decisions (jail time and high penalties) underscore the importance of having a robust and effective WHS management system.
By Peter Karcher
Joint ownership of IP can be complicated, resulting in a range of issues around commercialisation and enforcement.
By Paul O'Dea
All parties to a joint venture agreement are encouraged to ensure that they have a registered interest in the land.
By Nerida Whelan
The amendments make it imperative for industry participants to exercise diligence in administering their contracts.
By Chris Kintis
If you're being pursued after signing a personal guarantee, you may be liable under that guarantee, or it may be invalid.
By Nerida Whelan
The net could be cast too wide, so it remains to be seen how the QBCC will apply the newly expanded definition.
By Peter Karcher
To mark the commencement of the data breach reporting laws, these are five things you should know about the regime.
By Brad Vinning, Ruby Mackenzie-Harris
If you want to keep up with trends in cryptocurrency and ICOs, plenty of people share insights and tips on social media.
By Peter Karcher, Julian Pipolo
Agreements change over time, and parties often end up operating on 'unspoken' terms, which are easily open to dispute.
By Tim Ferrier, Karissa Andrejic
These new FIRB rules have been introduced to enable adequate opportunity for Australians to invest in agricultural land.
By Brad Vinning, Ruby Mackenzie-Harris
This article discusses the legal and regulatory aspects of blockchain and ICOs and the differences between ICOs and IPOs.
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