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By Ertuğrul Can Canbolat LL.M., Baran Can Yildirim, LL.M., S. İrem Akin
The Turkish data protection legislation has become one of the hot topics since its announcement in the Official Gazette in 2016.
By Ertuğrul Can Canbolat LL.M., Baran Can Yildirim, LL.M., Öykü Erdil
The TCA has issued a warning to Certified Translation Federation and Federation of International Translators and Translation Agencies with its decision dated 3 May 2018 to stop publishing recommended price lists.
By Ertuğrul Can Canbolat LL.M., Baran Can Yildirim, LL.M., Sinan Lahur
Pursuant to lawsuit lodged by Consumer Problems Association, 15th Chamber of the Council of State has annulled Article 13 of the Regulation on Basis and Procedures Regarding the Fees...
By Ertuğrul Can Canbolat LL.M., Baran Can Yildirim, LL.M., Öykü Erdil
The European Commission ("Commission") issued a series of penalties and eventually imposed more than EUR 111 million fine to four well known consumer electronics companies, namely Asus, Denon & Marantz, Philips and Pioneer ...
By Barış Yüksel LL.M., Mehmet Salan
The decision also opens the door to civil actions under which affected parties may claim compensation for damages incurred due to Google's abusive conduct.
By Ertuğrul Can Canbolat LL.M., Baran Can Yildirim, LL.M., Özlem Basiböyük LL.M.
The countries in the world trading ecosystem have been taking steps to establish a freer trade since 1947- the time when the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (infamous GATT) was created.
By   Actecon
In Turkey, private antitrust litigation has been applicable since Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition (Competition Law) entered into force in 1994.
By Fevzi Toksoy
It has been 20 years since Turkey introduced competition law, and with it, the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA).
By Ertuğrul Can Canbolat LL.M., Baran Can Yildirim, LL.M.
As per the Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition, the Turkish Competition Authority has the right to realize on-the-spot inspections (i.e. raids) in exercising its duties including, among others, ...
By Barış Yüksel LL.M.
On June 25, 2018, the US Supreme Court rendered its final decision with respect to the claims that American Express violated Article 1 of the Sherman Act via anti-steering provisions in its agreements with merchants.
By Barış Yüksel LL.M., Cansi Catak, Gökçe Kuranel LL.M.
Taking Turkey's 20-year history of the competition law practice into account, 2018 made history with the developments in administrative judicial review of the Turkish Competition Authority's decisions.
By Ayberk Kurt
. It is interesting to note that the preliminary inquiry was initiated based upon a document which was obtained by the TCA during the on-spot inspection within the scope of another preliminary inquiry...
By Barış Yüksel LL.M., Özlem Basiböyük LL.M.
In 2014 the TCA had granted a conditional clearance to acquisition of Dosu Maya by Özmaya which reduced the number of players in the yeast market and this decision was annulled by the decision of Ankara 8th Administrative Court .
By Fevzi Toksoy
REKABET kurallarının Türkiye'de çok farklı kesimler tarafından bilinmesi gerekmektedir. Ancak, ikinci bir yirmi yılı tartışacaksak, Rekabet Kurumu'nun yeni yol haritasını oluşturması kaçınılmazdır.
By Barış Yüksel LL.M., Gökçe Kuranel LL.M.
The Internet is a functional and effective tool for conducting sales so that the prominence of online sales is increasing day by day.