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Esentepe Mah.
23 Temmuz Sok. No:2
By Tuğrul Sevim, D. Çağla Nizam
Draft Regulation on Information Systems of Banks and Electronic Banking Services which is drafted in order to abolish the Communiqué on Principles on the Management of Information Systems' of Banks ...
By Ecem Gündüz, D. Çağla Nizam, Ümmü Sena Altuntaş
The Draft Regulation sets forth that it shall enter into force within 3 (three) months following its publications date.
By Zeynep Ünlü, Aslı Ece Kural
Yet, the Second Amendment Communique neither change the re-determination obligation concerning previously executed contracts nor the re-determination method to be used thereof .
By Erdem Aslan, D. Çağla Nizam
The Entities shall keep the inventory of their information assets consisting of hardware inventory, software inventory and data inventory.
By Tuğrul Sevim, D. Çağla Nizam
The Regulation is amended to include Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı Anonim Şirketi's authorisation to provide payment and electronic money services.
By Yasin Beceni, Zeynep Ünlü
On 6 October 2018, the Communique, Numbered 2018 – 32/51 (the "Amendment Communique") Relating to the Amendment of the Communique, Numbered 2008 – 32/34 on the Decision Numbered 32 ...
By Erdem Aslan, D. Çağla Nizam
Platforms that are not exclusively dedicated to transmitting radio, television and on-demand broadcast services through internet.
By BTS & Partners
The article 16 of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (the "Law") (i) sets forth that a Data Controllers Registry (the "Registry") ...
By Naz Degirmenci, Selen Zengin
Blockchain technology, initially conceptualized by the renowned Satoshi Nakamoto, basically refers to a time-sequenced and continuously growing list of data records.
By Ecem Gündüz
On the other hand, another crucial amendment has been made on the Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on Commercial Advertisement and Unfair Commercial Practice.
By Zeynep Ünlü, Duhan Kurt
As per the Amendment, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance shall execute the Amendment.
By Selen Ugur, Duhan Kurt
The Design Strategy and Action Plan 2018-2020 ("Plan") was published in the Official Gazette dated June 28, 2018 and numbered 30462.
By Aslı Ece Kural, Hazel Coşkun, Zeynep Ünlü
Except under special circumstances, time restriction should not be longer than two years.
By Nazli Gozde Cakmak, Susen Aklan
Privacy by design and by default approach means implementing the appropriate technical and organizational measures from the first stage throughout the complete development of personal data processing activities and business practices in order to ensure data protection principles and to safeguard the individual rights.
By Selen Ugur, Duhan Kurt
The Draft Communiqué Regarding Amending VAT Application Communiqué (Serial No 17) has been published in the Revenue Administration's Official Website for public opinion and suggestions in December 2017.