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By Dean Rocco, Noelle K. Sheehan
Although federal and state marijuana laws may conflict, many state laws support medical use of the drug in connection with disability and medical leave management.
By Dean Rocco, Noelle K. Sheehan
This is the first in a three-part series of articles on cannabis laws and court opinions. Today's article reviews different rulings on federal pre-emption of state marijuana laws.
By Dean Rocco
A majority of states now permit medical marijuana use, and federal law may not always pre-empt state laws when it comes to their impact on the employment relationship.
By Ian Stewart, Neil M. Willner
On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYCDOH) announced that "restaurants in New York City are not permitted to add anything to food
By Daniel Braude
Last week I had the honor of moderating the main-stage judges' panel at the DRI Product Liability Conference in Austin, Texas.
By Jeremy Merkel
As health care practitioners and organizations settle into the New Year, there is new guidance for cybersecurity best practices.
By Neil M. Willner
Neil Willner (Associate-White Plains) is co-author of a series of articles in Beverage Media on the current state of marijuana.
By Tiffany Y. Gruenberg
Supporters of autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars, often claim they will make our roads safer by removing human error from the driving equation.
By Neil M. Willner
As part of his $170 million budget proposal for fiscal year 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed his plan to legalize and regulate adult-use cannabis.
By Neil M. Willner
Neil Willner (Associate-White Plains) co-authored "As the Smoke Clears (Part 1): How Will New York Regulate Weed? Proposed Legislation Holds Clues."
By Pete Schwenker, Wendy Testa
When asserting or defending third-party claims in the context of construction litigation, the underlying plaintiff's choice of legal theories can often dictate the available remedies for defendant(s) ...
By Ian Stewart, Neil M. Willner
This new statement by the FDA signals recognition by the agency of the public's intense interest in CBD-infused products.
By Robert Cornish Jr., Sun Ah Park
Three decades ago, Congress established the EB-5 Visa Program (EB-5) in order to stimulate the economy and create jobs through foreign investment ...
By Neil M. Willner
By removing industrial hemp from regulation under the Controlled Substances Act, the 2018 Farm Bill has garnered lots of excitement within the industry.
By Ian Stewart, Tarina Mand
The regulation also will limit online marijuana delivery services or websites that facilitate transactions between consumers and businesses.
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