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By Roy Balestrino
On 9th January 2019 the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published their guidance on "Initial Coin Offerings" and "Crypto-Assets".
By   Hassans
eToro, a market-leading trading platform, is the latest recipient of a DLT Operator Licence from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.
By Anthony M Provasoli
Although the sector is growing rapidly, blockchain-related businesses are still largely unregulated in most countries.
By   Hassans
The meteoric rise of FinTech in recent years has exposed us to jargon that many of us have perhaps struggled to understand, as words such as "blockchain" and "DLT" continue to dominate...
By   Hassans
Gibraltar's stature as a leading global FinTech jurisdiction has taken another huge step forward this month with the publication of the official Gibraltar Finance Token Regulation Policy Document.
By Chloe Oppenheimer
As the owner of a start-up or a crypto investor researching blockchain-friendly jurisdictions, no doubt you have already read numerous articles comparing the various crypto-friendly countries...
By Nigel Feetham
For well over a year I have been exploring the post-Brexit options for companies based in Gibraltar that cannot continue to do business from Gibraltar after the UK's exit from the EU.
By Nigel Feetham
In much of my writings I have been particularly interested in the concept of jurisdictional competition and its role in business development. It is underpinned by the notion that jurisdictions are regularly competing for the same business.
By   Hassans
My brother is a foreigner who has been arrested in the UAE for carrying a significant amount of marijuana into the country. What should I anticipate as punishment for his offence?
By Aaron Payas
The Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission have recently reiterated their intention to make Gibraltar a prime jurisdiction for crypto business.
By James Lasry
The recent surge in interest in Gibraltar as a result of the DLT legislation and the upcoming ICO regulations is having a positive effect on Gibraltar's funds industry.
By Andrew Montegriffo
5th Money Laundering Directive – The European Union's regulatory gaze begins to shift towards crypto-currency exchanges and custodian wallet providers
By Nigel Feetham
The European Commission last week published a notice to stakeholders on the UK's (and consequently Gibraltar's) withdrawal from the EU and EU rules in the field of insurance and reinsurance.
By Peter Montegriffo
This analysis would subsequently inform what the appropriate treatment of the token should be from a legal, regulatory, accounting and tax perspective.
By Nicholas Borge
In recent months a number of organisations have issued notices and guidance to the potential participants of ICOs, explaining the inherent risks which these activities present.
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