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By Daniel M. Goldberg
In the past five months, we've seen a significant shift in the direction of privacy regulation at the federal level.
By Hannah Taylor
Facebook has made a significant update to its terms on posting sponsored or "branded" content on its platform.
By Sean Kane
Copyright claims based on alleged similarities between video games ("clones") are as old as the industry itself.
By Christopher Chase, Alan Sacks
A practice more often found in foreign professional sports has recently made its way to the U.S.: naming rights for leagues and teams. Back in February, the NBA signed an entitlement deal...
By Terri Seligman, Rayna Lopyan, Kelly O'Donnell
Last week, the apparel company Sunny Co Clothing launched an Instagram promotion promising to give away the red swimsuit below for free (except for shipping and handling costs)...
By Jeremy Goldman
For the most part, the episode nails COPPA in a really impressive way. There is no question the writers were advised by a privacy professional who knows his or her stuff, as reflected by the cogent...
By Sean Kane
Sean F. Kane is co-Chair of the Interactive Entertainment Group at Frankfurt Kurnit. He has worked at the forefront of the interactive entertainment industry for the past decade and has represented clients...
By Jeremy Goldman, Andrew J. Ungberg
If you're an online publisher or other internet service provider ("ISP") that relies on moderators to police or curate user-generated comments or other content, your risk of liability for copyright...
By Rick Kurnit
My father was a prominent "mad man" in the 60's and owner of an ad agency that was known for its outlandish and creative work.
By Tyler Maulsby
Opinion 1108 addressed whether a lawyer may refer clients to a third-party financing company, so that the company could help the clients pay the lawyer's fees.
By Ronald Minkoff
More than a year ago, we embarked on a three-part series on "How to Lose Your Legal Fees." Part 1, in our February 2016 edition, examined excessive fees, and Part 2, in our July 2016 edition, focused on legal fee forfeiture.
By Andrew J. Ungberg
In the past several years, the wide-spread availability of reliable, affordable unmanned aerial vehicles — drones — has fueled massive public interest in the new technology,...
By Terri Seligman, Jeffrey Greenbaum, Jessica Smith
That connection could be a business relationship, a family relationship, monetary payment, a gift, or a free product.
By Tanya Forsheit
EU regulators can assess administrative fines of €20 million or up to 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding fiscal year, whichever is higher.
By Christopher Chase, Alan Sacks
So much is happening at the intersection of sports, marketing, and entertainment that we've been inspired to send you summaries to help you put it all into context.
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