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By Charlene Sell
This article helps with the recruitment process – from advertising the role to offering employment to the top candidate.
By Shane Campbell
The Supreme Court has once more confirmed that litigation funding agreements are not themselves objectionable.
By Charlene Sell
Intellectual property is a significant business asset so you should consider how best to protect or to commercialise it.
By Charlene Sell
Fujitsu is the first business to be convicted under the unsubstantiated representations provisions in the Fair Trading Act.
By Charlene Sell
Terms of trade will differ depending on whether your business supplies products or services.
By Charlene Sell
The Act does not change the substance of existing law, but signals an intention to revise and modernise NZ legislation.
By James Anson-Holland
This Law Commission Report recommends a number of sweeping reforms to the current law of contempt in New Zealand.
By Amanda Douglas, Amy Cradock
The Labour Inspectorate is cracking down on NZ workplaces to ensure that minimum employment standards are being met.
By Hazel Bowering-Scott
The time of inception on an insurance policy has recently been argued and considered by the High Court in this judgment.
By Shane Campbell
This article summarises the rationale of the decision and provides brief comment on its implications moving forward.
By Kirstie Wyss, Lucy De Latour
The NPSFM provides a national direction for the management of freshwater under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).
By Annie Cao
These PCE report recommendations to reduce emissions are based on key features of the UK Climate Change Act 2008.
By Michelle Mehlhopt, Imogen Edwards
These Regulations, in force on 1 May 2018, establish a nationwide consenting regime for plantation forestry activities.
By Hayden Baird
This article considers what is required of landlords under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.
By Jeremy Johnson
This 2017 amendment bill provided an important opportunity to affirm Government support for arbitration in New Zealand.
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