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By Catherine Sedgley
Franchisors cannot recruit franchisees without an updated Disclosure Document, so they should be aware of this update.
By Stephen Booth
The partnership between Foodco and FWO is a model for any franchisee wanting to improve compliance with workplace law.
By Catherine Sedgley
Franchisors should review the current Disclosure Document to ensure you are complying with obligations under the Code.
By Lisa Qiu
Key takeaways for employers: be aware of the entitlements that visa-holders have & ensure that workers are not underpaid.
By Andrew Grima
Before signing the lease, the tenant should ensure that he fully understands his rights and obligations under the lease.
By Jacob Smith
The principle in Kennon (where the assessment is adjusted due to family violence) applies in exceptional circumstances.
By Shanni Zoeller
There is often confusion how employers should calculate employees' personal, carer's and sick leave, in hours and days.
By Lisa Qiu
The "ordinary and customary turnover of labour" exception to redundancy pay only applies in a narrow set of circumstances.
By Shanni Zoeller
The decision to terminate any employment must be done face-to-face, after observing principles of natural justice.
By Stephen Booth
A recent decision analysed closely whether employers could legally collect and store their employees' personal data.
By Shanni Zoeller
If faced with an incoherent claim, an employer can ask the court to strike the claim out or order the claimant to amend it.
By Dean Claughton
The NSW Supreme Court interpreted the Act, when a lessor or landlord served a notice of breach of covenant under the lease.
By Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar, Karina Ralston, Adam West
Article discusses the overall concept of mediation, when it is suitable and how it can be beneficial.
By Lisa Barca
Article defines digital assets & notes that current laws do not adequately cover access to them upon death or incapacity.
By Therese Austin
Article discusses the GST withholding regime on supplies of residential & potential residential land.
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